Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On a lighter note.....

As I was shampooing our carpets today ( yes, I AM quite the catch) I was thinking I haven't mentioned anything about our Mothers Day celebration this past weekend.

I informed my wife prior to the big day, that I would be handling the celebratory meal this year.
She immediately asked what restaurant we would be going to.
The look of shear panic on her face was not surprising when I told her I would be cooking her Mothers Day meal.

I could see her mind working. She was wondering how she could eat enough EDIBLE food to fill herself up, prior to me taking my place in front of the stove.
After watching me attempt to cook at various times during our 28 years together, her apprehension was understandable.
Believe me.

I eased her pain a bit when I told her I would be cooking on the grill and this is key, "the girls would be helping me."
Her body language, which would have hurt the feelings of a weaker man, told me she was ok with this plan.

So, we headed to the deck to fire up the grill.

We're old school as you can see. No fancy stainless steel gas grills for us. I like the pressure of having only a certain amount of time, while the coals are hot, to prepare a delicious meal.

We started out with a green salad while I put on the burgers and hot dogs (veggie).
The portabella mushrooms were seared lightly while brushed with a oil/balsamic vinegar/red wine marinade with salt and pepper.
Home made guacamole
French bread or traditional rolls were there for the taking.
The grilled squash was marinaded with something I had no role in making, so I don't know what it is.
I did inadvertently stumble upon a new side dish.
After putting the slices of squash on the grill, I peeked inside the house to get an update on the NBA game we were watching. I stayed just a bit too long.
FYI, if you leave the squash on the grill too long, they turn into "squash chips" that are quite tasty.

We were full after dinner but the coals were still hot. "Give me some food, anything," I said. Can't let these coals go to waste.

Feeling lucky as the grilled pears were turning out nicely, we added bananas.

I always say, ice cream and anything, is a good dish.

It all worked out quite well, thanks to my helpers.
Below, "Top Chef."


clairedulalune said...

My goodness Mark, didn't you do well! the food looks yummy! how thoughtful of you to make the mother's day grub, despite the feelings sourrounding it! You proved them all wrong! well done! PS: I do not know what squash is either!

beth said...

what a great meal !
i'm sure your wife loved every bit of it and that her looks afterwards were nothing but love and appreciation !!

and yum with the grilled fruit....i've never done that before !

slommler said...

Well done Mark!! You scored big time points I am sure with this!! My hubby cooked as well and he did a great job!

dcpeg said...

You ARE quite the catch! Shampooing rugs AND grilling . ..!!

The roasted fruit, ice cream and chocolate syrup made my mouth water. Doesn't smoke make everything taste better!!

Vicky said...

Wow, move over Pioneer Woman! A new food blog is born! Everything looked very yummy and I now I need ice cream!!

Marilyn said...

Yummm! That sounds like a very good meal, especially the grilled bananas on ice cream. What a special husband to do that for your wife. My husband went to visit his mom and I was left on my own.