Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's writers block?

I was feeling pretty good about myself.
I promised myself after my blog went silent for about 2 weeks while I was home, that I would try and be a bit more consistent with my posts.
I really enjoy writing. That's why I'm here.
I couldn't get a paying gig anywhere.

Reviewing my blog titles over the past couple weeks, I see I've been fairly productive.
For the most part I'm happy with the subject matter.
I touched on some current events.
Threw in an informative one or so, while trying to put a smile on the faces of my followers.
I was feeling pretty good.
Mission accomplished.
I must have pounded out a couple hundred words. Easy!

And then I saw a tidbit on Facebook that my brother posted.
See, he likes to write also, so I wasn't surprised to see he entered some sort of writing contest called Script Frenzy.
I contacted him via Facebook ( my goal is to forever communicate via text only. Facebook, phone text, twitter, whatever it takes.)to see what this writing contest was about.

All I know about it is he had to reach a goal of writing 100 pages during the month of April.
Lets just say, he wasn't pushed to his journalistic limit.
He told me he reached his goal by April 16th
For the remaining 2 weeks he spent his time writing a script for a short film and he is in the middle of another longer script which will either be a feature length script or a TV length script.
It's May 2nd for heavens sake little brother. Take a breath!
A new film maker is looking at his short film script and seems to like it.

I will now call him M.Night Shyamalan and yeah, almost finishing 3 scripts in one month is impressive,
but..but... oh yeah,


Alison said...

Yes your blog DOES have pictures of ships! No doubt I would enjoy reading what your brother writes, but actually Mark, I really enjoy reading what HIS brother writes! Your blog has become one of my 'must reads'. What you do in your day to day work is so different to what I know, and your photos are just great. Keep up the good work if you please! :-)

Frau said...

And followers too!

slommler said...

And beautiful ships they have been too!!
I too enjoy your blog very much. You write just fine! Makes me smile...and think...and I love it!

clairedulalune said...

Ah Mark, I enjoy your pictures and your writing a lot! Never change Mister! I hope you are well!

beth said...

sheesh....that's a lot of writing....and the nickname you have bestowed upon him is perfect.

my writers block is in cement form and i feel like it's tied to my ankle and i'm in the ocean.....oh, yuck, that's an ugly picture, huh ?

let's try a different have boats and i look like i'm working for national geographic lately....

i think we're doing okay !!

Joie Moring said...

The writer gene runs in your family?! wowee zowee. And you give us Ships and Ropes and Moors! Oh My! ...the makings of a classic and beloved journey that we will follow... year after year.

dcpeg said...

Trust me, you have no reason to be jealous or envious your little bro. Your writing is entertaining, educational and always enjoyable. Not only that, but your pictures are to die for! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Pictures? Anyone can take still photos Mark. Come see me when you get into moving pictures like some of us...