Monday, May 3, 2010

Sometimes there's just nothing.

My friend Jerral, is amazing when armed with a camera or a pen. Check him out over here.
He gave me an idea of collecting some of my photos that I have taken over the years, of different settings, from the vantage point of the boat and putting them in a book.
I like the idea.
Although my family quite understandably may have seen just about enough of my sunsets and rough seas, my Grandchildren who are non existent as of now, (and that's ok) might enjoy seeing what the old man saw back in the day.
What the hell, why not.

So I ventured out on deck today looking for an interesting photo op.
There wasn't one.
Did I mention I am at a dock in Bayway, NJ?
Talk about a photographers nightmare.

Tug boats with oil barges generally don't go to the most scenic docks.
The city planners had the foresight to build their refineries and storage facilities, far enough away from say Manhattan, Philadelphia or San Francisco proper, so as not to scare away the tourists.
But Bayway, well, here take a look.
Not much going on there, so I looked over here.

Nothing. Just nothing!
If you were to visit Bayway NJ by car, your trip North on Interstate 95 would take you past Sewaren, Carteret and Elizabeth New Jersey.
Believe me, you would not confuse this ride with a ride up the Pacific Coast Highway on the other side of the country.
It's just an ugly part of the North East.

I was just about to pack it in for the evening when I heard the sound of a plane overhead.

Then I realized that, even in Bayway New Jersey, the ever changing canvas of the sky
has something to offer.
Especially at sunset.

The opinions mentioned in this post regarding Bayway New Jersey are solely the opinions of Mark and do not reflect the opinions of Blogger, Google or any of it's affiliates.

But seriously.
Citizens of Bayway.
Admit it.
Your goal in life is to get out of Bayway, NJ.
May God be with you.
I hope you succeed.


Jerral Miles said...

In spite of your apology for the "nothingness" of Bayway, I like very much your first picture today...of bridges and ships and warehouses and dry docks and cranes and containers and the understated colors... It's a metaphor for something bigger than Bayway, New Jersey... and then you finish with the clouds... Wow! Every day I really look forward to seeing how you see the world. Thanks.

slommler said...

I like your photos. You see things I would never have the opportunity of viewing. So thanks for sharing.
Love the sunset pics.

beth said...

i'm from bayway originally.......NOT.....gotcha !

and those scenes you're looking for....they're just have to find them. lay on your back...or shoot towards your feet....or shoot from the ground level near your ankles....or hold the camera over your head and shoot......

there's so many options.....have fun with it !

Frau said...

It's cities like that,that give NJ a bad rap! I grew up in NJ and there are lots of nice parts...but then there is always Tenton and Newark...okay I got out for a reason!

Marilyn said...

The sky can be beautiful just about anywhere. And yes, the Pacific Coast is beautiful.