Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fed up!

I've watched way too many news reports of this spill in the Gulf.
I've had enough!
I'm heading down there to straighten this out.

No, really.
Our boat just received orders to get underway from New York to Louisiana.
In 9 days I should be kickin butt and taking names.

The company that hired us for this jaunt...
This could be interesting.


nacherluver said...

Good Luck! Oh how I hope you guys can get that fixed. It's heartbreaking.

Sounds kinda stupid, but I keep thinking, if they can get down there and try to cover, try to cut, try to plug, why can't they try to kink it? Big robot arm (or whatever would do it) and bend it like a straw or hose to kink the tube and at least greatly reduce the flow (if not stop altogether) so they could cap it?

Too simple? Perhaps.

Possible fix? Maybe!

slommler said...

Could it be that easy? Don't take names...just kick some BP ass!!!
They have got to stop this thing and now!!
Good luck

Marilyn said...

Good luck and go ahead and kick some ass.

Diahn said...

Oh, finally - somebody with some sense is heading down there. Go Mark (and crew) Go!!

I'm so angry about the whole thing, I keep thinking maybe I'll come down and open up a can o' whoop ass on them, myself.

Keep us updated...

beth said...

WOW....i wish you and your butt kicking team the best of luck !

and if you need a secretary for all that name taking, i'm available !

but seriously, be careful and keep us posted to the best of your ability....OH and photos....some photos fo the butt kicking would be great !

beth said...

ummm....that would be "of" not "fo"......silly me !

Melinda Owens said...

Go, Mark and crew! Finally...someone who can tell us the TRUTH. Hey...maybe you can pick up some crawfish while you're down there? Just sayin...

Frau said...

Good Luck I can't wait to see pictures and reports first hand.

Anonymous said...

I can see dad tapping at the typewriter already, sharing this tid bit with everyone. If this isn't a local angle on a national event,(his specialty) I don't know what is!

Can't wait to see these photos! Keep in touch!