Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thoughts of stuff

I got on Facebook a few minutes ago and there's a picture of my brother with my daughter. He went to see her in a play she was in yesterday. I knew nothing of this.
I really have to stay in touch more.

I hear the Gore's are getting divorced.
NOW I'm worried.

I was in a cab in New York recently.
The driver had that classic look of someone from India.
I'm not profiling here.
I asked, "Where are you from?"
He answered, "India"
Anyway, that hour of my life spent with him was quite enjoyable.
We just talked about life, jobs, economy, you know, just stuff.
At one point he said, "Yesterday is in the is an adventure....and tomorrow a mystery."
I countered with, "Dude, I like that."
His beautiful accent made it sound like I was driving with Nostradamus or something.
I know this.
I exited his cab, in a better mood than when I entered his cab.
Nice guy.

For some reason I was thinking back today to a dinner date my wife and I had about 28 years ago.
We went to a upscale restaurant, hoping the Chef would be able to handle my wife's vegetarian palate.
I was in a nice suit, she, in a beautiful dress.
After I ordered my steak and baked potato, my wife mentioned to the server that she was vegetarian.
The blank look on his face should have been warning enough.
After we ate our delicious salads, we waited with anticipation for the beautiful meal that was sure to come.
As we sipped our wine at our table draped with a white tablecloth, I glanced around, and noticed a room full of patrons, all handsomely dressed. The ambiance was just perfect with a piano player somewhere in the background, stroking the ivory keys gently.
The server approached, and gently placed my wife's meal in front of her.
One dish had a baked potato.
One dish had a side of cooked spinach.
Thank heavens things in the world have changed.

I love how my Protein Pro V shampoo makes my hair look.
Just kidding, just seeing if you read the whole post.


Frau said...

Love the last line....did you get that from a commercial! Not a vegetarian but I'm sure your wife is glad restaurants have come a long way since than. I seriously can't wait to get back to US our news here is international but really very little on US. Granted I don't miss hearing bout the gossip news....whole Tiger Woods barely made the news here it was nice.

Alison said...

Haha! Yes, read to the end! I liked your taxi driver story. 50% of the students at the school where I teach are Indian. This community has changed greatly from the very white suburb it used to be. I like that!

slommler said...

Ha!! At least I now know you are having a good hair day!!!
That was some vegetarian meal? Not!!!
And your episode with the taxi driver was wonderful. I loved his saying...I love that tomorrow is a mystery and today is an adventure. So true!!
Enjoy your adventure today Mark!

clairedulalune said...

Hello there Mark! Your hair must be like a lions mane! Haha! You make me laugh! I really liked that line that the taxi man recited to you. I think I a going to use that when there are uncomfortable silences that I usually cause! Hope you are doing good!

Diahn said...

Protein Pro-V! Woot!

And I could listen to that sweet Indian accent all day - it's like a song...

Enjoy your adventure, today!

Karen said...

That happens to be my favorite shampoo.

You're a great writer! and..yes, keep in touch with your daughter more :-)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Yea I always read your whole what you've did though like your funny ways and you always bring a smile to my face if it's about the bad things that happens with oil or that you like your shampoo...
By funny guy. Hugs D.