Monday, June 21, 2010

To Puerto Rico from NY

My intention was to document this trip daily, after the fact because of no internet service, with pictures I took each day. I realized while putting this together that I have way too many pictures of water and sunsets.
There just isn't much else happening at sea. So here is an abbreviated version of our trip.

Day 2
93 miles from Cape Henelopen, DE

Day 3
70 miles off Cape Hatterras, NC

Day 4
400 miles off Carolina coast

Day 5
450 miles off Jacksonville Florida

Day 6
520 miles East of Cocoa Beach Florida

Day 7
319 miles East of Harbor Island, Bahamas

Day 8
250 miles off Dominican Republic

Day 9
120 miles from San Juan Puerto Rico

Below is an example of why this tug and barge business is crazy. The photo below was taken as I was looking off the port side of the boat.
FYI, when you look out the SIDE of the boat, you should not see a barge. Note the barge taking direct aim at the buoy and El Morro, the Spanish fortress that was built to defend the entrance of San Juan.

Thankfully our Captains boat handling skills prevented us from making the evening news.
6 hours after this photo was taken I was in the airport on the way home.


dcpeg said...

Welcome home, Mark! Must have been tough to be out of touch for so long.

Your sea and sky pictures brought tears to my eyes. Spouse and I used to vacation in the Bahamas or Caribbean every year but haven't since 9/11. The colors in that region are unbelievable intense. The fragrance of flowers and salt water truly float my boat and I miss it.

Guess I'll have to give in to airport security and all the rot to get back down there. Ah, but I have to renew my passport now . .*sigh* nothing can be easy.

slommler said...

I enjoyed the pics Mark!! That was one long trip.
Welcome home!!!

Megan said...

Do you wave when you pass by Virginia Beach? I hope so! Hi back!

Melinda Owens said...

Beautiful pictures. You must have the best job in the world...I love the sea. Glad to see you back though!

Marilyn said...

I wondered how your trip was going. Good to see all that water and that the boat was held in it's hands.

Karen said...

Love your photographic recording of the journey, and I am amazed at how calm the seas are.

I'de be curious to know what you thought of the 16 year old attempting to sail around the world solo.

Lydia said...

New to your blog what an interesting trip! Also, glad you didn't make the news. Looked like a pretty hairy moment. :}

beth said...

well, by now you are home and i bet you are thrilled to be there....

thanks for taking us along though on your know, i love the really love the water, but i'm still not sure how you do what you do.....