Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Day Trip

I had a few things on my mind that I wanted to talk to President Obama about so I headed to our nations Capitol to look for him.

I think he was dodging me, so we headed to the Mall to have a look around.

I thought I spotted him in the "Jungle" section of DC's Botanical Gardens, but I was mistaken.

I never found the President but I did see this enterprising if not lazy bird, rummaging through the trash for a snack. He would actually reach in, remove a plastic container and if he didn't like the what was in it, he threw it on the ground. There was a pile of empty containers around the trash can. Notice how he held the container with his foot. I think that was a Mexican dish.

I never did get my one on one with the President, but I did bump into my wife and daughter strolling the streets.


Jerral Miles said...

Your use of language reminds me very much of the way Edward Albee writes. He's still alive, you know... He has to be at least eighty-something by now... but reading your blog and enjoying your pictures this morning, especially the bit about the crow, I was reminded of Albee's short play, The Zoo Story. When you have some free time and you are close to an Internet connection Check out the peformance of that play with Mark Richman and William Harvey. Fifty minutes... two clicks on these WEB addresses. Be sure you've got speakers or headphones.

Sorry about the length of these addresses...

dcpeg said...

Sorry you missed THE MAN. I saw his helicopters go over last evening, heading toward the WH.

It's too dadburn hot for anyone to be outdoors around here! Hope you and your ladies are drinking plenty of water and, no, wine and beer don't count when you're trying to rehydrate! ;-)

anno said...

looks to me like you saw the most important sights..

clairedulalune said...

Hello Mark, wow nice place! lovely family you have too! By the way, a wee bird said he saw him on the golf course...... I hope you are well! Beautiful pictures as always Mark!

slommler said...

So sorry you missed the President. Maybe next visit!! Great pic of your wife and daughter!!

beth said...

i think i heard he's on vacation....
down on the gulf... in florida.....NOT !

how great to see non-boat photos....and now don't go hating me !
i love your boat photos, but you know what i mean...

did you know crows are the smartest bird ?...they had a thing on the discovery channel one day, or maybe TLC, demonstrating their intelligence and i was blown away....they really made my dog look stupid.