Monday, July 5, 2010

Another fireworks post

Everybody's posting about the July 4th fireworks, so here we go.

Our local display took place at Longwood Gardens, which is actually a world wide tourist destination. I've often wondered what reaction the tourist from India, China and other distant places have as they take the tourist bus from Philadelphia, New York and DC and drive out to Longwood.

Other than the gardens there isn't anything else to do out here, unless you plan an excursion to Kennett Square which is 5 minutes down the road.
Kennett Square is the "Mushroom Capitol of the World" you know.
I'm serious.
They have signs.
You can google it.
Below are some local mushroom houses, where those dirty little buggers are raised.

Anyway, the fireworks at Longwood are a big deal. You can ask the 6,500 other people that came early to stake out prime locations and set up chairs.
Wait till you see my photos of the display.

These people are in line with us, 6 hours before the first firecracker was scheduled to be lit.
This roving jazz band kept us entertained while we were in line, which really wasn't that long. Like most places that deal with millions of tourist per year, they are experts at moving large volumes of people in a manner that is almost painless.
The show was worth it, wait till you see my photos.

We parked our chairs 4 rows from the front, left the premises, went out to dinner and came back in time to purchase a glass of wine and settle in for the show.
It was spectacular.

Wait to you see these photos of the show.

After my wife and I set up our chairs and left for dinner, upon returning I did the unthinkable.


There will be no photos. You'll have to take my word for it.
It was a great day.


beth said...

oh i'm on the floor laughing.....

clairedulalune said...

Haha! I am rolling on the floor too! Nightmare! had that when that happens!

Keda said...

The other photos are pretty too... Not as awesome as, say, fireworks, but ok non the less...

slommler said...

Oh for shame!!! No photos?? Darn! I wanted to see those fireworks! Ha! Had me rolling too!!
I left my camera at the restaurant. So I guess I shouldn't bug ya too much!!
I did get it back though...the next day! Ha!