Saturday, July 17, 2010

When I was transferring over to this boat more than a year ago, I was a little apprehensive because I knew I would have an Engineer's assistant working with me.
This concept was all new to me, usually tugs only carry one engineer. And let me say this, there is something to be said about working alone in the engine room on a tug.
I basically set my own schedule and schedule my own work, not counting the surprises that arise every now and then. So having an assistant up my butt was going to be a bit of a change.

Before I joined the boat I asked my boss, who is a former Captain and a good friend of mine, who the assistant was and what did he know about him?
His reply was, "His name is Shane. I don't know him well but I have met him. All I know is the few times I walked on his boat and saw him, I got the impression he wanted to slam my head up against the wall."
I thought to myself, great!

When I met Shane for the first time, he was a bit on the intimidating side. He's a big boy from Mississippi about 25 yrs old and he sort of stared right through me when we shook hands, but having been warned I took it in stride. That was about 14 months ago.

I've learned since that time that he has a beautiful smile, but he won't share that side of himself until he gets to know you. He could throw me through a wall if he wanted, but he never wanted to. His young muscles have come in very handy many times working with me in the engine room. When I would be off watch, it was Shane's job to monitor the engine room. Not only that, he is a very smart guy, knows how to solve problems and is a hard worker. (Sounds like a letter of recommendation, doesn't it?)

The problem is, Shane's getting off tomorrow to join our supply boat fleet. You see, he just passed a Coast Guard test and has an engineers license now, so he won't be assisting me anymore. The supply boat fleet gives him a opportunity to advance faster and to make more money, so unfortunately for me and our boat, Shane is leaving us.

Every once in a while you meet someone who you really hit it off with. He's a young kid with great moral values. He has a great sense of humor and has been just a real pleasure to sail with.

I let him know earlier today how much I appreciated working with him.
And one other thing.
How cool a name is Shane?


Karen said...

Ultra cool.

And sounds like the kind of guy I'de like my daughter to meet. But I'm generally trying to stay out of those things... cause, you know how that goes..

beth said...

i bet he will forever remember having had the opportunity to work with you, too....

dcpeg said...

Great story, Mark. I've known only one other Shane and he was an 8 year old from Australia who apparently had a crush on me.

Anyway, I'm glad he was a good surprise for you. I hope you guys stay in touch with each other. Sounds like he could use your calming influence.

Jerral Miles said...

I'll bet you remember that scene at the ending of the old movie "Shane." Maybe you're not old enough to know it, but I can imagine you standing on the deck of your tug yelling, "Shane, Come back." I think I was just a lkid when I saw that movie... I remember tearing up and wanting to stay in the theater long enough at the end of the movie so my friends wouldn't be able see that I had been crying. I hope Shane reads your BLOG.

Marilyn said...

Shane is a cool name. How great that he crossed your path and you knew to enjoy his friendship.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi buddy, so now your heart is aching and not your butt anymore.
What a wonderful story you've just told me. Hope you find your new Shane soon again.
Hugs D.

slommler said...

Shane is a very cool name!! And I am sorry he has to go. But congrats to him on getting his license!!

Keda said...

it's so strange how we meet people in this world, who really have an impact although we don't know it until they leave...