Saturday, August 7, 2010

August Break, Harbor Island Images

One crazy thing about Harbor Island, is how friendly the people are.
I mean seriously, they are super friendly.
Almost everyone without exception greats you as you pass them on the street.
As we drive our little cart around, people go out of their way to say good morning.
My wife looks like the Grand Marshall of a parade as she returns waves from the locals.
It's crazy.
It's also very very cool.
The woman pictured below with my wife is Brenda.
She told us she remembers when the tree behind them
was a sapling.

A rented boat out to the "Rock" provided great snorkeling.

Our own little path to the beach.

There's no fighting for beach space here.

This little shanty is a regular stop for us many days.
Grouper for me and peas and rice and plantains for Mary Ellen

Watching this is a great way to end each day.


beth said...

ohhhh....what a great vacation !
that last sunset photo....stunning !

Karen said...

What a great, layed back, relaxed vacation. Perfect. Love the last shot too....

slommler said...

What a wonderful beach and your own private path? How cool is that?!
I am glad you are having a fabulous time.
Great sunset photo!

Marilyn said...

That last sunset picture is definitely stunning.

Scott said...

Looks like a great place to visit and stay for a while. I do like that sunset and thanks for joining in on Sunset Sunday and sharing it. Even though few of my sunsets have real foreground, I like something of interest in the foreground like you've captured here.