Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August Break, Torn

It's still "August Break" time, so I'm not supposed to be "wordy" this month.

But just a few thoughts, I'll be quick.

I find myself back at work. Boooo.

I lost a "follower" this month. Boooo.

I miss "golf cart world" on Harbor Island, where there isn't one golf course, just carts.

I just finished up our company's always scintillating 3 day annual meeting. The only good thing about this visit was the Catfish topped with Etouffee I enjoyed, in an eatery just outside of New Orleans.

I miss hunting for a newer, more remote beach access than we found yesterday.

Personally, I like Obama's decision for a moratorium that has been placed on offshore deep water drilling in the Gulf.
The problem is this moratorium could be disastrous for my company, which is a service company for drill rigs in the Gulf.

Talk about being torn!

"Good morning, welcome to Walmart." I've been practicing just in case.

I miss Harbor Island, our latest vacation destination, where my biggest worry was reapplying my sun screen.


Melinda Owens said...

Love this post...I'm struggling not to be wordy, too. Suddenly, I have so much to say. And by the way, you'd make a great "greeter"...just saying.

slommler said...

I too loved this post! I don't know how I feel about the moratorium! I am torn as well. You could also be head burger man at McDonald's or Burger King?? Just saying!!!!
Sorry you are back to work though. I know that sucks!

Karen said...

I miss your island pictures, I can only imagine your sorrow. You can always go back :-)

The job market is so bad right might have to wait in line to get that greeter job.


nacherluver said...

I got a real giggle out of the golf cart one.
hee hee!

Vicky said...

Oh thats hilarious... the Walmart line is the best. I miss Harbor Island too and I've never even been there :) Thanks for funny, I'm finding your break posts refreshing.

Jerral Miles said...

Welcome back to the world of work... Anybody who sees the world the way you see it won't ever be bored or joyless; so I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for you as I look over the pictures you take. Keep 'em coming.