Friday, September 10, 2010

An Assessment

My first morning home with coffee in hand
I take stock

The house is quiet.
Mary Ellen just left for work.
Our animal kingdom sleeps.
They're tired.

They were up late last night waiting
unable to sleep.
They knew I was coming home.

I count the number of animals.
Like roll call.
I have to.
Once I was home 2 days before I realized
my daughter had added to our cat population by one.
My wife was in on the scam.

I top off my coffee
and head outside to have a look around.
As I walk through the garage
one thing is crystal clear.
I don't play enough golf.


nacherluver said...

Well written post! Love the added cat deal :) Funny.

Grisselda Serrano said...

Espero entienda españ gusta su poesía, las palabras en ingles que no he entendido las he traducido y esas palabras encontradas me han dado el sentido a la aveces alegre cotidaneidad...


Marilyn said...

Great pictures! Maybe you need to dust the golf clubs off and go play today.

Karen said...

LOL... it's never too late to make some changes. More golf is in order, I think.

My cat adding days are over.. I've moved on to dogs :-)

beth said...

or maybe you have a large spider population too :)

beth said... short game is pretty awesome.

Vicky said...

Ha ha... great photos and I have to laugh about the cat. I'll bet the family has pulled off a surprise or two for you to come home to over the years.

Dan Kent said...

When I was in college, I bought some used clubs from like the 40's or something. I never really got a hang of golf though. I still have them 25+ years later, in my garage. I refuse to get rid of them. But yours look older..