Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Confused on who to save

On the left hand side of my blog, near the top I have been advertising for 2 things.
I recently changed one of the causes I am fighting for.

Until recently, I was hoping people would lend a hand by checking out the Global Network, who are dedicated to raising awareness and cash for fighting the 7 neglected tropical diseases.

I have removed that and in it's place, we are now fighting world poverty and a host of other issues at ONE.

I haven't had a change of heart or a revelation about world poverty.
Simply, my daughter has just changed jobs.
Thank you for your support.

My future son in law is still in Afghanistan, so I didn't remove the one about supporting our troops.
I'm sure that will remain, even after he comes home.

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Jerral Miles said...

Golf... and world peace... and the continuing fight to end world poverty... and to ensure support for our troups. One thing is clear: those cobwebs all over your golf clubs testify to your priorities. That's one of the reasons I never miss a day of checking your blog to see what you are up to...