Sunday, September 5, 2010

Various Things About Nothing

I was looking at photos my wife took of me
the first couple of days we were in the Bahamas.
Let me say this
I rock the farmers tan
I know two fellow employees
one is named George Charles
and the other is named Charles George.
For the life of me
I can't help but call George, Charles
and Charles, George.
My big tough tugboat Captain requested
a cake to be made.
When asked what kind he would like
he answered in his big tough tug boat Captain voice
I found that hilarious.
50 % of the tug crew and
100% of my family members
are bummed out tonight.
True Blood is a repeat.
My mood, on the other hand
has not been affected at all
by this unexpected turn of events.
I just don't get it.
First there was 'The deadliest Catch"
And then "Whale Wars"
Now there is a show called
"Blood Dolphin"
where dolphin are shown getting killed
as they are trapped and helpless by the hundreds.
I won't be tuning in.
What's next?
A show about killing kittens?
Give me a break.
I sat on the stern tonight
watching the sunset with a cup of coffee.
It's just not the same.


Karen said...

LOL.. these are great!

And.. the true blood thing... yeah I don't get it either. We might be the only two on the planet with this apparent affliction...or perhaps the lack of it.

nacherluver said...

Given the choice I would totally be chillin' with you vs. the titles offered up!
Never heard of a single one but now that I have I will be sure to steer clear!
Love the funfetti story. Hilarious!

slommler said...

Killing Dolphins??? How sick is that? I mean, seriously???!!! I don't watch True Blood either...but I loved the books! Just couldn't get into the show! Not the same! Sigh!
I think decaf lacks taste as well as punch!! Ha!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love it...funfetti coming out of a man voice would crack me up! I agree the TV shows on are ridiculous. Hope you have a wonderful labor day!

beth said...

random is good and funfetti is hysterical coming from a man :)

dcpeg said...

Thanks for brightening my day again,Mark! Love you big tough guys and your soft hearts!

BUT -- killing dolphins? I've watched bits and pieces of Whale Wars but seeing blood in the water just chills me.

Jerral Miles said...

Mark, your writing is as good as your photography. I like the way you can inject a couple of serious notes into a very humorous piece of writing...without losing a beat... I especially like the beginning and the end of the writing... nicely balanced. Do more.