Saturday, September 4, 2010

Drugs and Religion

I worry that one day I'll get pulled over in my car by the police, and they'll find the mood altering material I use quite frequently, that puts me in better spirits.
It's like a miracle drug, works every time.

I use it on the boat a lot, especially when we're at sea.
No cops out here, you know?

Today I took a double dose.
That's right, while working in the engine room today, I plugged in the ear phones

and turned up the Merengue.


I instantly became "Happy Mark."

I swear they should just call it happy music.

So, I thought to myself, if I am so happy, why did my mind star drifting
to the subject of the location of the Islamic Center and Mosque near ground zero.


Just imagine if I was listening to Country Western?
That's a scary thought.

Anyway, this Mosque thing is difficult.
I understand both sides of the argument.

The Religious leaders are bound and determined to put the Mosque near ground zero,
because our country allows and even encourages freedom of religion, so they think they are in the right.
Legally, they are.

Those opposing the location have good reason to feel the way they feel.

I think one problem might be that both sides are talking to each other, through the media, rather than with each other.

I can't help but think that if sensible people representing each camp got together and rationally discussed this, they could come to a conclusion.

The religious leaders should be able to understand that, 9/11, in the grand scheme of things, happened like, yesterday.
Many people living in the surrounding areas of ground zero have nerve endings that are still raw.

I'm not surprised one bit there is opposition to this proposed location.
Are you?

Sometimes a little common sense needs to be used.
Build the damn thing a few blocks over and you wouldn't have this uproar.

Yes, we celebrate religious freedom here in the United States.
No, we don't always use common sense.


Island Soul said...

I understand that people may be upset.....however, blaming the good Islamic people who want to build a COMMUNITY CENTER (there is already a mosque there) is like saying that the Baptist Church should not be allowed to build anywhere near a site that has been previously used by the KKK to torment people of color. The Islamic community at large is not responsible for the acts of its extremists anymore than any protestant church in the US should be held accountable for the KKK.

BTW, i've really enjoyed your blog....don't stop writing!!!

Karen said...

I hear what Island Soul is saying and she isn't wrong.... however, common sense would tell you that the wound is still very fresh and building anything islamic just yet at that very site is asking for trouble and can even be described as rubbing salt in the wound. I don't have to prove that point, it's already out there.

I agree with Mark.. why right there, right now?

slommler said...

And to continue the conversation. Since we are talking religion...the loving thing to do would be to build their mosque elsewhere. Understanding the wound is still fresh. And not taking the debate personally.
Just saying!!

nacherluver said...

Yes, this is a touchy subject. Freedom of religion is a right. They have the right to build it. I don't have a problem with a mosque.
However, it makes me question motives. Is there a statement being made? Out of all the square footage in the united states, why choose there?
Doesn't feel respectful. Doesn't feel understanding. Doesn't feel peaceful. Doesn't feel compassionate that the spot chosen and insisted upon is the one spot that hurts so many. That brings up such argument and anger on both sides.
I like what you said about talking through the media. Can't imagine there aren't those talking behind the media, but how would we know unless the media got a hold of it?
I should open discussion with a friend of mine from Saudi. He is no longer religious but may have some insight as to why the chosen location.
My hope no matter what is always that of love and peace.

nacherluver said...

Actually, my friend originated from Saudi, he's been here for decades and is a citizen of the USA.

beth said...

i've watched and heard all the debates on the news regarding this issue, and isn't it obvious that the wounds are just too raw to make any decisions right now....

and did you dance to your music...i bet you did :)

dcpeg said...

Ah, merengue! I was first introduced to it in the Bahamas, so sun, sand and surf still come to mind when I hear it. Lovely feeling!

Sadly the mosque situation is not limited to NYC. There are some ugly things happening in other parts of the country, too. I just finished a novel based on an early Mormon story - lots of similarities!

Marilyn said...

Good thoughts! I like your choice of drugs to make a "happy Mark".