Thursday, September 30, 2010

Name dropping

It's been a few days since I've checked my email.
Yeah, like that's a big deal.
It's not like I'm some person in a position of prominence where it is imperative that I check my email on a daily basis and respond in a timely manner to equally important people who are waiting breathlessly for my response, so they can continue on with their day.

If I neglect my gmail account for a period of time, the only thing I'm missing is the latest Travelzoo newsletter, the tuition payment alert for the 3rd college I have helped renovate over the years, and some lame jokes that get forwarded to me on a daily basis, much to my chagrin.

But today was different. The rich and famous were checking in with me today.
Joe Biden, our nations Vice President, contacted me, and we're on a first name basis, I'll have you know. I know this because his letter to me started with, "Mark." Not dear sir or To Whom it May Concern.
It said "Mark."

President Clinton also checked in, but we're not as tight. His letter started with the dreaded "Friend." My defense mechanism kicked in immediately.

A congresswoman from Fla wrote me. We're also on a first name basis.
I'm sure nobody else in the country is receiving these political emails, only me, so I'll share something with you.

With our "mid-term" elections just around the corner, our political machine is out in force trying to raise money.
But something is amiss.
Joe Biden told me he had 24 hours to raise $62,981 for the democratic party.
Ok, that's sounds reasonable.
But why then, I ask, does President Clinton write to me and tell me he's been handed the task of raising, in the next 24 hours, $292,841?

I'm thinking, Bill is maybe thinking outside the box on this one?
Why is he asking for $230,860 more than Joe Biden is, when they both work for the same party, with the same goals?
I'm just throwing it out there.

And what's with these figures. They both end with a 1. If Biden only brings in $62980, will it be considered a failure?
Couldn't they both just "round up?"

Mike Henry also contacted me, by calling me Mark. He had a different favor to ask.
He doesn't want money, at least not from me.
Mike, my new friend, wants me to call the White House.
Yep, that one. He even gave me the number. 202-456-1111
He works for ONE as the US Campaigns Director. He wants me to call them and ask President Obama to fully support the Global Fund by committing a truck load of money over the next few years.
Well hell yeah! I'm calling tomorrow.
I don't want to wake the Obamas's at this hour.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow you are pretty popular....I never get those kind of emails..except for the unclaimed money in Nigeria or unclaimed foreign taxes! Good luck with all your new friends one you give a mouse a cookie it goes on and on!

Karen said...

.. I don't know.. being on a first name basis, being considered a friend.. I'de be nervous.

What a coincidence, I've now helped renovate a college campus too! I noticed fancy new directional signs that didn't actually tell you much
in front of each dorm the other day, wondered if that was my most recent purchase. That college no longer provides refrigerators or microwaves in rooms, you've gotta do that yourself now. Musta been all those new signs. Oh no, I paid for that. Huh.

slommler said...

Amazing that you are so well known in the political arena! I had no idea you were so famous. I bet you could raise that money in a few short hours and still have time for a round of golf with Biden!!!
Oh and make that call to Obama! Let us not forget that one!

Marilyn said...

You make me smile. I have been getting the same emails. We must be on the "in" list. And yes, I also helped one college in the midwest renovate a few years ago.