Thursday, September 23, 2010

Recently the discussion about female reporters and their access to NFL locker rooms resurfaced when a NY Jets football player, acting like he was 12 years old, made some sexist, idiotic and juvenile remarks to a female reporter covering their team.

Let's take the female reporter out of the equation for a minute and ask, why are reporters asked to perform their job in a room full of naked men?
At it's core, that's just stupid. How did this ever come about anyway?

I can imagine the discussion went something like this:
Media representative: "When can we be given access to question the players?"

NFL commissioner: "I think a good time would be when the players are toweling themselves off after they shower."

Really? And this was accepted?
What genius came up with this idea?
The sports media, who are so hungry for a story, any story, would jump in the shower with them if that was the only access they were given by the NFL.

Doesn't it strike you as a bit strange? As a male, I find it strange. Trying to ask the quarterback a serious question about the interception he threw during the game, while he is applying powder to his jock itch, has to be awkward.
There are more packages in view during this NFL mandated access time for reporters, then there are under my tree on Christmas morning.

Let's take this thought process to other walks of life. Why doesn't the political correspondent for the newspaper get to question his old, fat, balding United States senator in the shower?
Because it would be weird.

Can you imagine the White House press corp saying, "Mr. President, I have a question concerning the United States pull out of Iraq. What time will you be showering?"

The other argument that arises during these discussions is this.
Why are woman given access to men's locker rooms, but men aren't given access to woman's locker rooms?

You know what, I really don't care. I have other things to think about.

...but if I was a reporter and given that access, I'm thinking I'd like to cover woman's tennis.
I'm just saying.


Karen said...

LOL!! I like your observations, so very very true.

First, I don't think the woman should complain if she insists on interviewing naked men in a locker room atmosphere. What did she expect? SURELY.. surely... there is a more appropriate place to have these interviews. I have never understood the practice, and hate when the women complain of abuse, because human nature is human nature is human nature, know what I mean?

Loved your presidential interview

dcpeg said...

Now that I've wiped away the tears of laughter, I can tell you I totally agree. What IS the hurry to interview guys who are still high on adrenalin and testosterone? Gosh, give 'em a chance to clean up, dress and get their minds back in gear.

Your "package" analogy killed me!!!

beth said...

LOL....and everything you said is SO true !

but honestly, wrong or right, naked or not, that reporter loves that attention !

she dresses and looks the part of someone trying to get a job at hooters, so YES, the player was wrong and should have kept his mouth shut, but you know what, she loves her job. every minute of it !

and honestly, if that were my job, i think i'd pretty much love it, too.....just saying :)

Marilyn said...

Too funny! Good thought! Ok, you go interview women's tennis. It's OK with me.

Alison said...

Mark, you are spot on! Well written!

slommler said...

Ha! Well said!!

Jerral Miles said...

Perfect response to a ridiculous situation. Hey... Hey...
It just came to me... Maybe Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman, both hoping to be governor in my State, could stand for a debate buck naked. At least that would add a little excitement to an otherwise deadly dull race. On the other hand... Nahhhhh. Gross. California is in enough trouble already...