Wednesday, September 22, 2010

These nuts hurt!

Every year about this time our yard becomes covered with acorns.
This year they are particularly abundant.
A walk in our yard is like walking on marbles.
Don't even think about taking a barefoot stroll.
I'm almost tempted to surround my yard with yellow "Caution" tape.

While sitting in my family room the other day with the doors open,
I heard the familiar sound rain makes as it makes its way through the leaves of our trees,
before ending its journey in the weeds and crab grass we call a lawn.

As I looked outside I could see the rain streaking through our air space.
The sound intensified and I could see our deck was still dry, while little
projectiles danced on the wood planks like marbles.
It wasn't raining.
A gust of wind was causing hundreds of acorns to fall from the trees.
I thought for a second that I should throw myself on Izzy to protect him
from the shrapnel.

But then I decided against it.
Those nuts hurt!

As I sat on my deck this morning with a cup of coffee enjoying the beautiful morning,
I heard the leaves from our big oak tree reacting to a small gust of wind
that just whispered through. I thought to myself, this is nice.
That serene scene quickly came to an end as the familiar sound of hundreds of acorns
in attack mode landing on my deck, took aim at me and my coffee.

The acorn attack sounds like a drum roll on a snare drum.
Like a person with his pants on fire, I was up, dashing wildly for my back door,
my coffee in one hand while my other arm covered my head.

As I ran for protection I saw Izzy out of the corner of my eye scamper for safety under the deck.

I think I better post a sign on my deck that says, "Hardhat Area"


Karen said...

Funny post! Provocative title!.. reminds me of a vacation on ST. John two years ago..we rented a beautiful villa and it came with a warning.. beware of falling iguanas. They werent kidding. VERY LARGE iguanas live in the trees that hang over the villa and decks and walkways...and they sometimes fall off onto passersby. Awwwesome.

beth said...

oh, for pete's up !
and get yourself some steel toed boots to go along with your hard hat.

okay, i just cracked myself up saying that to you, because i could really picture myself standing on your deck with my hands on my hips, rolling my eyes and saying that....outloud....and making you laugh, too !

Vicky said...

Too funny. Those acorns bring back a lot of fond memories growing up. We would collect them and pretend cook with them or build with them. Lots of good times playing with acorns and nature itself :)

nacherluver said...

Lovely pictures. I wish I had your problem! We have no trees!

slommler said...

LOL!!! Too funny! I can see it now...yellow caution tape strung around your yard!! Ha!

Jerral Miles said...

With a BLOG title like that, are you sure it's your head that needs protection?