Friday, March 25, 2011

Our time in historic dry dock #1 at the former Brooklyn Navy Yard is running short.
We're just a few days away from flooding the dock and wetting the bottom of the tug for the first time in a month.
If tugs could talk, I'm sure I'd hear a sigh of relief as the East River rushes over the barricades
and caresses her scorched hull that welders and burners have disrespected and abused like inmates at Guantanamo for the last few weeks.
As the yard period nears it's end, a flurry of activity takes place as workers try hard to meet the unreasonable time lines set by distant managers in pristine offices.

Our propellers, or "wheels" as we call them, were pulled when we entered the dry dock weeks ago.
I remember changing a propeller on a friends 17 foot boat many years ago.
It took us 20 minutes.

It's a bit more time consuming to do that on a tug.

There are always many changes on a boat in the ship yard.
Lots of important improvements, like new radars, new wheels and new generators.

But nothing is more important than the new......

pillow top mattress's we took delivery of today.

Shipyards have their advantages.

I think I'll go test mine out.


Alison said...

It feels quite, well, exotic I guess, reading about your life on the other side of the world, 'messing about in boats'. :-)

Karen said...

Love those propeller shots... they are HUGE!!...

..and, I'm getting queazy just looking at your little bed, pillow top or not.

Formerly known as Frau said...

If you going to be away from home you might as well sleep in comfort! Love the propeller shot so cool!Have a wonderful weekend!

slommler said...

Definitely...a good mattress is the best thing ever!!! Love your photos!!

beth said...

wow...that's impressive. pillow top mattresses!
oh, okay, and that propeller, too !!

Jerral Miles said...

Again... very good writing, Mark. If I were teaching a class about writing, I'd definitely use this BLOG entry as an example of how to do it. I very much like the pictures, too...

Joey said...

So you have been home while the ole lady is in dry dock? I hope so!

Marilyn said...

That propeller is actually a work of art, but pillow top mattresses would be wonderful on board. What a treat. Not the roughing it at all, but pure luxury.