Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More shipyard fun

It almost seems like
the shipyard has to destroy the boat
before they can fix it.

Below is a hole they cut in the side
of the boat
so they could remove the jockey bar
from our steering system.
It was too large to maneuver it through the engine room
and up
no problem
just cut a hole.

I like going into the shipyard
because it's a great time to fix those big jobs
we can't tackle while in operation.

The downside is
the engine room takes a cosmetic hit.

Here's a photo of the stbd side of my engine room
before we entered the shipyard.

Here's a photo of the same area in the engine room
after being in the yard for weeks.

and the port side before and after


dcpeg said...

That's one big screw you've got on that boat! There's one about that size mounted like a sculpture on D.C.'s SW waterfront. Your pictures are great and you told such an interesting story in this post and the previous one. I'm shocked at the age of the dry dock(?) your boat was in!

slommler said...

Wow!! Now that is what I call "remodeling" for sure! Ha!!

beth said...

i think more shipyard fun would be getting all your guys to jump for a photo :)

please ?
pretty please ?

come can do it !

{let me know if you want me to tell you what settings to use on your camera and a few other tricks i have up my sleeve}

Karen said...

YEAH!! I want to see the jumpshot!

Marilyn said...

The things I see in your engine room are so foreign to me, but fascinating to see. Good luck with the repairs. Definitely a jumping picture of the guys would be fun to see.