Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Like a boat out of water

These granite blocks were put in place around the year 1806,
And today they serve the same purpose they did those many years ago.

They are the building materials of our nations 3rd largest graving dock and let me tell you, they don't build them like this any more.

As our tug sits high and dry in this historic Brooklyn shipyard, I can't help but think of the history of this awesome place.

Standing under the hull of our tug and looking around this place has the feel of a Italian Colosseum.

The now famous PT 109 was fitted in this yard.

Our tug sits in the same spot where our nations first Iron Clad ship was fitted for war.
That was in 1862.

This place just reeks of history.


Dawniepants said...

I love these pictures, they're amazing. Being from Belfast the shipyards here are really important to the whole city so I love seeing all the other ship building sites.

As we say over here 'The Titanic was fine when it left us...'


Karen said...

Great photos, Mark.. I love reading the history of such places.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow that is amazing and so are the pictures!

beth said...

wow....thanks for showing me something i never would have seen without your help.....

Diahn said...

Wonderful pictures! I've never seen such a place. It's always so amazing to me to see how much of a boat is under the water...

clairedulalune said...

Hello Mark! How are you? Doing good I hope! I love to step into to these places in history, always leaves me in awe. Wonderful pictures as always! Lovely to come back here!