Monday, May 9, 2011

Boy, did I get some good news today.
There seems to be a new addition, or additions to our family.
My daughter, who is getting married in July, moved in recently to their new apartment, and I guess she figured the space was too big for just her and her future husband.
It's filling up fast.
Two little kittens, rescues, will now be sharing their apartment and scratching their furniture.
She comes by it naturally. You know what they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

It looks like she takes after her Mom.
I wish I could have been their to warn Jim, the husband to be.
I've seen it all before,
It starts innocently enough.
For me, it was a "cute little dog" we just had to have.
Then, the cute little dog needs a friend...enter cute dog # 2.
And so it goes.
30 years later and a animal cemetery in our back yard that would rival Arlington.....
Well, sorry I wasn't there to warn you Jim.


Alison said...

You crack me up Mark!

Karen said...

My husband would say one word only.


Ofcourse, he's the biggest, but it makes him feel like he's not alone.... I think.

Formerly known as Frau said...

At least you have someone to commiserate with now!!

beth said... daughter has that gene, too !

"what's one more" is her motto :)

dcpeg said...

You sure tell a good story, Mark!

My late dad wasn't overly fond of dogs, but couldn't say no to our adopting a stray we found pulling Mom's clean sheets of the clothes line. We had to advertise to see if an owner would come forth, but Laddy lived with us for 17 years. After that, Mom and Dad always had a dog!