Friday, May 6, 2011

The sun, which has been non existent here in the New York area the last few days, and has dampened my mood like a wet wash cloth, is trying to penetrate the stubborn cloud layer that won't totally disappear.
Like a bothersome rash....just go away.

With that being said, sailing wise, it's a beautiful day as we spent the afternoon traveling up the East River, through the Big Apple.
The tug following us is our escort tug, following close by in case of some mechanical failure that would cause our tug and barge to veer off toward the rocks.

The barge we are pushing is carrying 100,000 barrels of crude oil, and it would be a bit messy if the worst were to happen.

Our destination today was the exotic city of New Haven, Conn., so we spent much of our trip traveling through Long Island Sound.

I was determined to make this a happy day today.
No senseless worrying over nothing.
No thoughts of terrorists.
Not even going to think about about gas prices or college tuition's.
Nope, not today

No thoughts of OCD Captains who clean the counter by the coffee pot 25 times a day, just because.
No thoughts of Fox News.
No thoughts of crew members who really wish I had put TWO Bounce dryer sheets in with their cloths when I started the dryer.
No way, happy thoughts today.

No thoughts of tornado's or deck hands who alphabetize the can goods in the pantry.
No thoughts of a distant relative who had just recently passed.
No, going to take the day off.

No thoughts of my wife who is home on crutches trying to untangle our dog who got her leash wrapped around our tree and my wife's crutches keep sinking into the ever present vole holes in our lawn until she cast aside the crutches and shimmy's across the ground on her butt to untangle the leash.

Nope, happy day worries.


slommler said...

Oh such a happy day you are having! No one else is...but you surpassed us all with the happiest day ever!!
PS Love you pics

Formerly known as Frau said...

Now I'm humming the song Don't worry be happy!! Okay but in the back of my mind I'm now worried about your poor wife simmering across the lawn to untangle the dog...! I hope she calls on some help from a nice neighbor next time. Have a wonderful weekend!

Donna said...

God luck with that! We all deserve our days of denial! Hope you don't mind I added you to my favorite blogs list! (Should net you another 2 readers... if you're into numbers...which I'm not). Enjoy the sun! We finally had some for a few hours in the Midwest! It was lovely.

Melinda Owens said...

I can feel you trying to talk yourself into something...and sometimes, that's all we can do. There does seem to be a heaviness in the air lately. But the sun is breaking through! It always does. Have a great week.

beth said...

don't worry, be happy.....i like how you think !

dcpeg said...

If you were actually able to think only happy thoughts on Friday, please share your secret with the rest of us! You could even put a price on it and make a fortune!!

Karen said...

Oh, your poor wife!!! Ugh!...

And, New Haven is about 20 minutes from This Old House... you shoulda told me sooner, I would have invited you and your crew for lunch.

Joey said...

New Haven!? Shoulda called! Karen and I could have met you for lunch!

Jerral Miles said...

I particularly like the photograph of the mop...somehow anthropomorphic... I'm reading your blog and writing this on a bus (with WiFi going from Vancouver, B.C. to the airport in Seattle... reading about your journey in Long Island Sound... It's an amazing time in an amazing world.