Monday, May 16, 2011

My first day at home after getting off the boat usually goes like this.
I get up early with my wife and do what I can to assist her in getting out of the house on time for work.
I actually think I'm probably more of a hindrance than a help the first few days, bumping into her as she turns away from the refrigerator and getting in her way as she heads to the laundry room.
We're like a poorly choreographed dance troop at the first day of practice.
In a day or so, we'll be in step like a Dancing with the Stars champion.

So out the door she goes as I sit in front of Sports Center with my coffee and my to do list.
My immediate list consists of phone calls I have to make.
Call my cable company and look into that free anti-virus software I heard about.
Call my doctor and make an appointment.
Call the Coast Guard and take care of some of their paperwork.
Call the White House.

What? You never call the White House?
I was asked by ONE to give him a call to ask him to put aside some dough
to help fight two of the biggest killers of children in poor countries.
I like children and I haven't chatted with Barrack in months, so I gave him a call.

He didn't answer. He was probably repelling from a helicopter somewhere and taking out another of our "Most Wanted."
A very nice lady did answer and she politely asked me what message I had for the President.
After I left my message, she thanked me and told me to call again.
I told her I would.

Now I have to call my Cable Company.


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there Mark, for just a moment I wanted to cheer and go into babie congrats.....the post your daughter got herself the kittens....pfff in time .... thought you would be a granddad to be. HIHIHI.
Don't warn Jim about this one because it would be tooo funny to see you with a baby cuddling in your arms. Smiles again here my friend.
Great to be back and see you visiting my blog. Yet I'd have to fight you over the postcard comment though.....not all of them could be one. Couse you know I AM in one of them you silly goof.

Okay sorry to be so frank here with you. Nice to hear things are fine and that you're dancing this gorgeous dance with your sweetheart called life. Do enjoy being at home and forget the darn phone....(oh well guess a guy got to do what he's got to do).
CU around my friend.
Hugs Dagmar

Rants and Raves...Peace and Praise said...

Oh no, calling the Cable will probably have better luck with the White House...I am just saying.

Karen said...

LOL... why am I tempted to try that number...

slommler said...

When you call your Cable company...have a second cup of coffee ready as you may be on hold for awhile. It always happens that way to me. I have calls to make and spend most of the time on hold!! Sheesh!!
Think I will call that number too!