Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In a few weeks, my family will be gathering in the historic town of Mechanicsburg, PA to participate in what has become known as the "Finucane Family Summer Fun Fest."
It's either the first annual, or the last annual. Time will tell.
It's a competition of some kind.
That's all we know.

An influx of fans to this sleepy little town to watch these "games" is expected and will surly have a positive impact on the economy there. I hear all the bait shop owners in town are really excited and have doubled their inventory of worms for the event.

I realize the tongue twisting title, Finucane Family Summer Fun Fest is a bit weak, but I am not on the Executive Committee who named this event.
Yep, I swear, there IS an Executive Committee.
Who exactly sits on the Committee, is a bit vague.

The FFSFF Executive Committee is a bit tight lipped and details of the up coming events are hard to come by. The Masons have more secrets.
In fact,the only thing we know is that my 3 siblings as well as myself are "Team Captains", the makeup of each team has not yet been determined, but will consist of niece's, nephew's and assorted other relatives, ranging in age from 2 to 85 years old.

Because of a leak from one of the committee members, we know the competition will consist of physical as well as mental tests. I took this whole thing pretty lightly, figuring it would be more of a get together with beer and maybe a Frisbee, but than I received
this short video
and it was Game On!

You throw in a set of Olympic Rings and the Olympic Torch,and my intensity just gets ratcheted up a couple of notches.
Dear fellow competitors;
I'm writing this post with my Olympic pen, if that's any indication of my commitment.

Fellow Captains beware. My training has begun in earnest.

I don't know what events we'll be competing in, so I'll train for all of them.

I don't know what relatives will be on my team, so I'm training to beat them all.
Even you Charlie.
If your not lucky enough to be on my team, well,
sorry Charlie, your going down.

As far as the other team Captains, well, between the 3 we have a former Philadelphia Children's Hospital Poster Boy, 2 artificial knees and a Captain that takes 10 minutes to unfold himself from a golf cart.

I'm liking my chances.

June 4th is the big event.
I will post the results.


Megan said...

haha, very funny.

I hope one of the competitions is who can eat the most birthday cake. (FFSFF falls on Charlie's birthday you know). Charlie will not win that one, just putting it out there now.

dcpeg said...

Go get 'em, Tiger!

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like you are coming to play!!!! I like your attitude. But don't underestimate the bionic knees!

beth said...

i couldn't see the video for some reason....dang computer...

but i do believe that olympic pen and cap have special powers, so if your training isn't everyday and any body parts ache a little bit from anything too strenuous, i'll know you'll be in good hands. worse case, if it rains, i bet you'll be the only one in a rain cape with even more magical powers....wink wink !!

slommler said...

Oh how fun! Sounds exciting!! Take plenty of pics now!!

Melinda Owens said...

I'm not sure if you can take Charlie down. He looks like he eats his Wheaties.