Thursday, May 19, 2011

I toyed with the idea of missing "Idol"
voluntarily for the first time last night
since "America" screwed up
last week
and voted James Durbin
off the show.

I figured the remaining 3 singers
while very talented
would only be singing Country songs.


I just can't take large doses of Country music.

But when Haley Reinhart
started rockin that Led Zeppelin song last night
the Finucane Household was rockin.

Well, not everyone was as moved as I was.


beth said...

i agree...we agree.
losing james last week was devastating and wrong in every way....and if scotty wins the whole thing, we won't be happy. my dad will be though. he loves country.

now granted. give me keith urban any day. sorry nicole, i do love your hubby. but scotty. american way !!!

slommler said...

Love your pics!!
I haven't been watching idol this year...I know...I know! How could that be!
But they always end up voting off the best one just before the finale. Always pisses me off!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I totally agree and I love Haley....sad to see her go...put I know she and James and all the others I loved will go on and do great things!

nacherluver said...

Can you believe it? First James, now Haley. I am sooooo not watching the final. Last night was IT for me.

Karen said...

I like a country song every now and then.. just one.. and just every now and then. Too much twang just gets on my last nerve. While Scotty is very very good, I don't think he was the "it" guy this year, but it looks like he just might get it.

Love that last statue...

Marilyn said...

I was so disappointed James was kicked off, then I much preferred Haley over Lauren. But I guess we just don't know what's good. Or is it that the south just has too many voters?