Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day was today. When I woke up today I thought of my Dad.
I mean, that's what you do right.
So instantly, I was in a good mood. My Dad still puts me in a good mood, well, thinking of him does anyway. He passed away many years ago, long enough where memories of him are always uplifting, the sadness has been healed with the time that has passed.
My Dad was just a class act. There was never any games with him, a real straight shooter.
He hated games.

As I laced up my workboots, I thought about the young Irish kid that was leading the U.S. Open. It's one of golfs major tournaments. I wondered if he would be able to hold on to the lead he has built during the first 3 days. I intended to watch the U.S. Open, here on the boat today. Thoughts of Dad and the U.S. Open go hand in hand. If Dad were here, he'd be watching every shot. He'd want the young Irish kid to win also. I just know.
We were at anchor, and all us Fathers were going to take it easy today.

I walked down to the galley to a chorus of Happy Fathers Day from the guys.
Well, not really a chorus, there were 2 guys....but it sounded like a chorus.
Oh, it's going to be a good day.
I grab my first cup of coffee, and head outside on the stern.
The Texas heat, oppressive. I prop myself up on the side rail and take in the beautiful day. Sipping my coffee, I glance at my phone. No calls yet.

I notice a flock of birds in a perfect V formation, cruising my way as I look off the stern of the boat. Beautiful, I thought.
They were about 2 feet off the water. As they neared the stern they gently, gracefully gained altitude. As they flew over my head in perfect unison, I took another sip of my hot Hazelnut flavored deliciousness, wishing I had my camera with me.

A sensation. Wet. Oh, it must be sprinkling, I thought as I glanced at the cloudless sky.
Uh oh, that's not rain.
As I watched the birds fly away, I realized they just shit on my head.
I just chuckled.
Sometimes you have weeks like this.

My day continued on that same tract, when about an hour later, as I was online reading up on the US Open, the Captain tells me the air conditioner unit that supplies the upper wheel house with cool air, has some kind of problem.
I wanted to tell him that I don't care, I never go up there, but instead I told him I'd go check it out. 12 hours later I'm still checking it out.

Throughout the day, I kept getting this feeling, I don't know, like someone was snooping around my sock drawer or something. I hate when that happens.

The day ended on a good note.
All my kids called and wished me a Happy Fathers Day.
I got the air conditioner working, at least for now.
I fed some birds. Yeah, I'm surprised also that I have forgiven my friends with wings.
I usually don't do that when somebody...well, does what those birds did to me.

I'm about 60 feet in the air as I work on this air conditioning unit. These birds were flying below me.
I started feeding them some of my cheese sandwich, which drew a crowd.

My AC unit with the setting sun in the background.

Other barges anchored with us, waiting for orders.


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Great to see you had a fun fathersday shooting around providing us with beautiful pics my friend.
Hugs D.

slommler said...

Sorry the birds got ya!! But Happy Fathers' Day for sure!!
Loved all your photos!! That sunset was awesome!!
Glad your day went well!

Karen said...

You know that's good luck, right?

And here's another birds*it story... We were on the Martha's Vineyard Ferry, packed like a can of sardines with hundreds of people. I was leaning over the rail to look at the beautiful navy blue churning water and it's huge bubbles... when I felt the splat. We were elbow to elbow on this huge ferry... and it hit.. me!?

Good luck, I tell ya!

Formerly known as Frau said...

They say (not sure who they are?!) that being pooped on by a bird is good luck! Your father sounds like a great Dad, I love a straight shooter. Hope you had a great Father's Day.

Seven Gates Farm said...

Good luck, good aim, whatever you call it, its really sh..... that had to happen to YOU. I've been the target also of some high flying winged predator on my WHITE shirt. Anywho ... glad your kids all called and you had a pretty decent day. Stay cool in this heat. The pictures are so pretty. Debi

Jerral Miles said...

I'll give up looking this week for a better line than your sock drawer sentence... It's an, "I wish I'd said that" sentence. Now if I ever use it, I'll say, "as my friend, Mark says about some days..." I'm glad all your children called on Fathers' Day. Mine, too.

"Throughout the day, I kept getting this feeling, I don't know, like someone was snooping around my sock drawer or something. I hate when that happens."

Zorana said...

They say it brings good luck to the person when birds do that.... Don't know, maybe it's a way to console the 'recipient'. Maybe not - you did have good luck with the air conditioner. And we got to see the lovely photos. And yes - the sentence about the sock drawer wins the best thought of the week reward.

beth said...

sounds perfect to me....even the crap. it's considered good luck in some countries you know, so i think that holds true when you're on a boat, too......

and is it any surprise to us that your dad was so great....not to me. the apple doesn't fall from the tree !!