Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I just couldn't post another photo of a barge
sitting in the same anchorage we've been at for a week,
so I thought I'd post a photo of a painting my youngest daughter Keely did.

This artwork is a few years old
and I can hear it now,
"Dad, that's a lousy one from when I was starting out.
I want to fix that. Why did you post THAT one.

It seems she is never quite satisfied with the finished product.
I am.
So, just to change things up
no boats today
just naked ladies.
Some jobs come with great perks.
I've mentioned before my oldest daughter Erin, works for ONE.
You know, the one Bono is affiliated with

U2, the band he is in, is presently touring the U.S.
You may have heard of them.
Erin is the Field Manager for college and young adult outreach
at One.

The nuts and bolts of what she does
is too involved to get into here,
all I know is, she "worked the event"
meaning the U2 concert in California last weekend.

I received a text from her,
"Dad, I'm arms length away from the stage."
I later found out she was actually up onstage with the band,
with a bunch of other ONE workers.

Today I call my wife,
she tells me she is driving the 2hrs to Baltimore
to meet Erin

to go to a U2 concert tonight.

Erin is "working the event" again.

Awesome perks!


slommler said...

That is an awesome perk! But it is also a difficult job!! Kudos to her for sure
Oh and I too love that painting!
So expressive

Joey said...

Wow. That painting is very cool! Love U2. I'd be right there!!!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow those are some perks....I love Bono! Beautiful art work from your daughter it's perfect!

Jerral Miles said...

Fantastic... Bono and the band and stages and concerts and even a salary to boot. Wow!!! A job to be wished for by any young person out there. Congratulations, Pop! You've got a daughter who knows how to move in the world. And that painting Keely is a keeper, too. Don't stop.

Marilyn said...

Perks of a job are always good. Erin has a great perk. What is your perk on your job?

Great painting, nice flow of the brush.

Karen said...

Awesome indeed! I love U2... and wouldn't YOU like to be..
Where the streets have no name...

Seven Gates Farm said...

That art work is frame-worthy. Really pretty. We have a nude painting from the 1930's in our home, a fairly large piece on canvas that my husband tells everyone is me. He gets smacked everytime. Love hearing about your girls. Hard to believe they do grow up and becoming working little people with salaries and benefits to boot.