Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let me make this clear.
I love my wife.

Come on! Just buy me a regular bag of charcoal....PLEASE!

My wife's all about natural.
Natural food, natural shampoo, natural medicine.
We don't use lawn fertilizer and she takes misguided spiders gently back outside.
I get it.
But,... just buy me a regular bag of charcoal, you know, the charcoal that looks like charcoal, little thick square little cubes to be poured from the bag onto the grill.
Charcoal I recognize.

But nooooooo!
We need to have natural charcoal.
Isn't all charcoal natural?

Yesterday I opened a bag a charcoal that boasted,
"100% all natural LUMP charcoal."

The bag should have been titled,
"100% Burnt wood left over from last nights bonfire."

It seemed to work like regular charcoal.

The end result was the same.

I love summer.


nacherluver said...

I love your wife!!!! Kudos to her for her responsible purchase and her natural ways. Yay Mark's wife!

beth said...

see. we women.
as long as in the end, the same result is achieved, we're willing to try new things.

all along. she knew exactly what she was doing. and sometimes we do what we do just to get a rise out of our hubbys.

it worked......LOL

Karen said...

I love your wife too!!...

Stick with us, Kid. We know what we're doin.

Zorana said...

I love your wife too!!! And I love how you write about her. The picture with the gigantic piece of natural charcoal made me laugh out loud!

Diahn said...

your wife is awesome! i had no idea you could buy charcoal like that!

slommler said...

Too funny! I would have been thrown for a loop when I opened that bag of charcoal myself! Ha!!
Me..give me propane please. Woosh!! Ahhh! That's better!!
Brats tonight!! With dark beer of course!

Marilyn said...

I hadn't thought of natural charcoal. What a wife to be so thoughtful and to care so for her family. Now I am off to find some. My husband will thank you, I think.

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