Thursday, July 21, 2011

For weeks before my daughters wedding, that took place 1 week ago
I could think of nothing else.
Now it's been one week since the big day
and I can think of nothing else.

I wish I had a sister who
would wake up at of dawn
the day after my daughters wedding
go to Wallmart
get prints of wedding pictures
drive to my house and hand them to me
before I finished my second cup of morning coffee.
Oh.......I do.

I'm back to work now
but on an unfamiliar boat
with an unfamiliar crew.
None of these people knew my daughter was getting married.
I don't care.
They need to start showing a little more interest
when I walk up to them and say
"Hey, my daughter got married last week."

I think I have wedding hangover
but not from booze.


SueAnn said...

Yes! You do have wedding hangover!
Hope the new crew shows some interest soon!!

Melinda Owens said...

Barbarians, I tell you. They should break into show tunes everytime you mention it! Geez...some people.

Karen said...

I am definitely feeling the love, Mark. You are a good man :-)

dcpeg said...

Wedding hangover -- what a perfect description! You're still basking in the beauty and love of your little girl's wedding. I'd call that a good kinda hangover.

Marilyn said...

I love that you have wedding hangover. That's what every dad should have. How disrespectful that the new crew doesn't jump up and down and ask to see your pictures. I hope they learn their manners soon.

Seven Gates Farm said...

It must have been some wonderful experince to have wedding hangover! That's what we want for our children, to find this magical love, so as parents we can just ooze in that memory of their special day too. Debi