Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A few months ago my daughter mentioned to me that she was exploring the idea of sky diving.
My response was, "Oh really, well, do me a favor and don't talk to me about it again until after you do it."
That's real parenting people. Denial, denial, denial.

Anyway, I'd like to give her credit for listening to her dad, because I never heard another word about it, until after she chose to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, free fall for almost a minute then land gracefully while attached to her instructor. Just minutes after landing, she called, and I got an adrenalin rush just listening to her describe it.

She paid to have a video made. Oh great, now I get to watch, like I am right there, my daughter being shoved out OF THE OPEN DOOR TO AN AIRPLANE!!
To say she was having fun is quite the understatement. She had a smile on her face she couldn't wipe off, for hours.

Personally, I think she's nuts.
I wouldn't do that for $200,000.

But D.B. Cooper did. His name's been back in the news, 40 years after he hijacked an airplane
and demanded $200,000 in small bills. He let the passengers catch their connecting flights, before he demanded the plane to take him to Mexico.
D.B. never did get to eat an authentic burrito, because he decided to jump out OF THE OPEN DOOR OF A PERFECTLY GOOD AIRPLANE, somewhere over the coffee crazed area of the Pacific North West with $200,000 strapped to his body.

He was never seen again, but rumors have it he made it.
Personally, I hope he did.


Seven Gates Farm said...

Saw that on the news also this evening. Saw the family who claims him. Very interesting. Deb

Joey said...

Haaa! Not for $400,000 thank you very much!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Good for her....I did that once when I was young to woo my now hubby! I thought my Dad was going to kill him. Never did it again .....some things are just meant to do once!

Joycee said...

The risk takers of the world are a mystery to me. Life is better when my two feet are firmly planted!

Diahn said...

Never could see the point of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane - honestly not sure I see the point in jumping out of a completely disabled airplane...and I could NEVER watch my child do it. Mercy...

Jerral Miles said...

Just the idea of an open door of an airplane flying high above the ground scares me. Your daughter has great nerve. Did you ask her if she's eager to do it again?