Monday, August 1, 2011

One difference between the boat I'm on now and the one I am usually on is, the TV reception is better on this one, which means I see more "news" than usual when I'm working, which means my mood is a negative way.

I remember as a young boy, watching my Grandpop yell at the TV.
I'm almost to that stage.

This evening, as I watched yet another nauseating news report about the circus that is Washington DC, I wondered what the real answer is to our debt ceiling/too much spending situation?
If I listen to the Republican view point, I can't believe them because they have an agenda.
If I listen to the Democratic view point, I can't believe them because they have an agenda.
Isn't the answer found in Economics 101?

Ok, maybe that's a stretch, but it has to be a math formula. Right?
When I went to a financial planner years ago, he looked at my "books" so to speak, and said, ok, this is what you have to do to reach this particular goal.
Maybe we should call him.

I wonder if we put together the worlds best economic minds, showed them our nations "books", as well as our goals, and asked them to come up with a formula.
They can't be swayed by politics, just by numbers.

I wonder if the answer would bare any resemblance to the answers we've been getting from our childish, stubborn politicians?


Jerral Miles said...

I think you're right. It can't be that hard to find a reasonable solution... but how do we separate politics from the basic need and importance of getting it right?

SueAnn said...

Children like and stubborn for sure. And spoiled and rich and none of this bickering affects their they continue to argue. Sigh!
There are so many changes I would like to see made.....too many to list...! How about they get paid what the average pay is for their state?? Instead of millions...more like 50 to 60 thousand dollars a year. And put them on Social Security...see how they like it!!
And I could go on.
Mad?? You betcha!!

Joycee said...

I'm willing to let financial planners have a go at the whole mess. The key words are stubborn, bickering children here... none of them with the country's well being as a priority. Medicaid pays for my mother's nursing home care at this point, my father-in-law at 90 is now beginning the medicaid application... pray for them. It's impossibly flawed.

missing moments said...

Media helps fuel all this bickering ... and good luck in finding unbiased reporting these days. Ugh!

Karen said...

First, let's get rid of all the politicians. In a politically correct way, ofcourse.