Sunday, January 8, 2012

I was just thinking,

If a dog is man's best friend
why does mine steal my food
every chance she gets?

I took my car to the Toyota dealer
because I had 2 strange lights lit on the dash.
I left $900 poorer.

A week later the lights came back on.
I took it back to the dealer
and this time he said he would give me a discount
and only charge me $700.

I decided to leave without having any work done
to the car.
A day later the lights went out.
I'm confused.

My tugboat weighs
1600 gross tons and it floats.
But remove any small part of it and throw it
over the side
and it will sink.
I find that interesting.

Have a great week.


SueAnn said...

You have giving me so much to think about! Ha!! Why indeed!!

Karen said...

You're not looking for answers from me, are ya?....

lol... You remind me today of one of my favorite comediens of all time.. George.

Anonymous said...

Great observation on the tugboat. I wonder if I would get lighter and float if I lost a few parts. Hmmm.

Vicky said...

Do I have a mechanic for you :) We were referred to him after we got a 900 dollar estimate from a dealership- he did the work for half, in less time... but your story is way funnier than ours :)

And so, you don't really want to make anyone mad on the tugboat I take it?

Thanks for the giggles this morning...

Marilyn said...

Those tricky lights on the car. I had one before Christmas that cost my $500. Maybe they are rigged to turn on around Christmas when we are spending money on other things. Now I need to buy tires and that will take another $500. Wondering if a car payment would be cheaper. I didn't know that about tugboats.