Saturday, January 7, 2012

I can't believe it's over

A quick look at the blogs I follow tells me that people are moving on from the holidays.
I feel like I'm in this little time warp, because just days after the ball dropped in Times Square, I found myself catching our boat, while underway for Corpus Christi and spending the next 3 days at sea, without internet or news.

I was still digesting my holiday meals as I climbed over the gunnel of the tug, and still haunted by the images of a Philadelphia New years Day tradition called, The Mummers Parade.
There is no way I can explain to you what the Mummers are about ( see Google ) but I can assure you, you have not seen anything like it, anywhere.
And you should be thankful.
It is the one thing about Philly that I am not proud of, but I've watched it every year since I was a kid.
It's like a car accident. You just have to take a look. I can't explain my reasoning or the parade.

So today I sit at a dock back in Corpus Christi Texas, 8 days after the Mummers stutted down Broad Street in Philadelphia, still feeling some holiday cheer, so here is my last holiday post.

I spent most of the holidays doing research.
I wanted to find out if watching people exercise on TV was at all beneficial to me physically.
So I honkered down on the couch and watched as many football games as a human can possibly watch in a 2 week period, while eating food prepared for me by various members of my family.

And the answer I came up with was, it definitely is not beneficial physically in any way,
but it is a heck of a lot of fun.

Here is just a ......taste.......of what I had to deal with.

Christmas diner
Portabella Napoleon
sauteed spinach
tomato base on a bed of potatoes.

The ever present
cheese board

Daughter Erin
makes home made pizza

It turns out
pizza making is a contact sport.
After some minor first aid
she was back at it.

My normal bowl of oatmeal
was pushed aside for the holidays

I hope everyone has a great 2012.


SueAnn said...

Well now that you have made me hungry!!
Mummers? I have heard of them but have never actually seen them...what an interesting group.
I had that kind of exercise a well...didn't work for me....but I was fun!!!
Happy New Year

dcpeg said...

Oh, what a cruel man you are! My mouth won't stop watering over your scrumptious pictures. You've got some seriously great cooks in your family!

I've heard of the Mummers and always thought they were an American version of Gypsies. I'll have to google them as you suggest.

dcpeg said...

P.S. Where do you find fresh figs this time of year?

Jerral Miles said...

This is a wonderfully cruel BLOG episode. I'd just finished eating lunch when I logged onto your BLOG, and I was immediately ravenous again. Thanks for the fantastic pictures and ideas about homemade pizza. Your daughter's pizza beats the heck out of the pop-in-the-oven frozen things we get at the grocery store.

beth said... i have to go eat something. seriously, my mouth is watering !

and i've never made a homemade pizza {i know right} but now i want to, but the cut finger makes it look so hazardous :(

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Homemade pizza is so delicious. I really should find my pizza stone, long since put away somewhere, and try my hand at it again. But I probably won't. Ha!

bon bon said...

man, what a delicious post!

happy new year, mark!

Marilyn said...

OK, no fair, now I am hungry. That food looks darn good.