Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I've been in a great mood
ever since I got home.

My life has been nothing but Christmas cheer
and family traditions like watching "White Christmas"
multiple times.

Hey, how awesome are those sisters? Sisters???

But today I made a mistake
by putting on CNN.

Talk about a Christmas buzz kill!

A man dressed as Santa with a gun.
The inevitable house fire on Christmas Eve.
The year in review of Government take-overs and protests.

No mas!

I want to milk this Christmas feel-good
for all it's worth.
So off with CNN and on with more food
prepared by my daughter.

I'll catch up with CNN next week.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing on CNN today. Nothing but sadness. Soooo, I turned on HGTV instead!

beth said... that bloggers butt has been kicked.....i'm here to say YUM and great photos !!

when blogger kicked you out, they kicked you off my inspiration page. i mean your name was still there, but when i went to edit it, there was a red x through your name. WOW....they really didn't want you did they ?
i'm glad you're back though....i wonder if other people have "lost" you the way i did.....hmmmmm

dcpeg said...

Looks like your family had a splendid Christmas! Lovely tree, table and kitchen shots really bring that fact home. So glad you were there to enjoy it and to be enjoyed by your family!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Good for you, turning off the news. Life goes on out in the world even if we don't watch it on TV. I hear the Christmas joy in your "voice" so hang onto it as long as possible.

Cait Throop said...

I totally agree! Off with the news at least for a while!

Marilyn said...

Good for you! Let's leave CNN for another day. The food looks good and for a few more days milk and toast for sure.

Melinda Owens said...

These photos are really good, Mark. And yes, hold on to the "slow down" feeling of Christmas as long as possible. It does seem like the world moves on and tries to take it away from us! No mas!

SueAnn said...

I hear you...CNN was definitely a downer...but oh those poor families!! My heart ached for their pain!! Such losses!!
Love your photos!!! Good food and family and friends...that is Christmas for sure!

Karen said...

That house fire was horrendous. I keep thinking about the woman who has lost her children and parents.

I also keep thinking about CNN and other news channels and wondering when they will see the light and report about all the good things that are happening too. I'm telling you, Mark - The Good News REview!... we oughta do it!

Janie said...

I don't think it's just CNN..

Our local news is all doom and gloom. The woman who lost her kids and parents in CT ....thats all they talk about..must make her feel great...

Dawniepants said...

I love these photos! Im so glad you have Christmas Cheer! What a beautiful tree!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Happy New Year! I'm never watching CNN again really they changed my morning show not that it was the best either....I think I just don't like change! Hope your holiday season was the best!