Thursday, January 19, 2012


You've heard the argument against wind power generators.
They're ugly.

Just not pleasant to look at.

They ruin the view.


I guess they're right.

On another note.

I have what I like to call, INFRACTIONS, and I like to use them.
They're not heavy and you can take them anywhere.
You have them too, but maybe you don't even know it.

These infractions can be used when something happens that just isn't right and you just wish there was a referee there to blow a whistle, throw a red flag and signal INFRACTION!

This could happen anywhere. As an example, If you live in Philly and you walk around wearing a Cowboys jersey, that would be reason enough for me to yell INFRACTION!
Fun huh?

If Jerry Sandusky's face even appear on TV, I yell INFRACTION!! ( among other things)
Who do I yell this to, you might ask.
I don't know, I just yell it.

Super Bowl ticket prices start at $2000. INFRACTION!!

Infractions occur on the boat between ship mates all the time.

Just because I share a galley table with you, don't feel obligated to tell me intimate details of your marriage. The glazed look in my eyes should indicate to you my lack of interest. INFRACTION!!

Because of the nature of tug boat life, at anytime during the day there is surely someone in bed.
Knowing that, do not walk the alleyways of the tug talking as loud as a "barker" on Bourbon Street. INFRACTION!! Inside voice only please.

Don't leave me a note asking " when you get time can you make me a cake, purdy please?"

Do not use the toothpick that is in your mouth to test the cake to see if it's done.

Happy weekend people.


Jerral Miles said...

This is the best, the cleverest, piece of writing I've seen this week... and I just before I turned to it, I had finished reading through this week's New Yorker. Many thanks, Mark.

Janney said...

Funny :)

Marilyn said...

You have quite an infraction list. I kinda like the windmills too.

SueAnn said...

I think I am going to start carrying a flag in my pocket. I like this idea very much!! Ha!!
And on a side note...I don't mind the wind generators...I think they are cool!!

bon bon said...

ha! i'm marking this post down under "rant"! enjoy your weekend!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Awesome!! We have those propellers all over WNY and honestly I think seeing them in the middle of farm land it's really a beautiful sight!! Wondering what your thoughts are on the whole captain of the cruise liner incident?? Have a wonderful weekend!

dcpeg said...

Very eloquently put and illustrated.

As for your infractions -- that's absolutely PERFECT! Now if it just worked like it does in sports . ..... Infractions require penalties!