Sunday, January 15, 2012

Football Sunday

It's kind of a gloomy, chilly day here in Texas.
Just perfect for settling in and watching
the 2 NFL playoff games.

In a perfect world
we would just pick up the remote,
point it at the TV
open a beer or a Kool-aid and enjoy the game.

Here on the boat we have a direct TV
satellite system
that was bought by both crews.

For $10 a month
we get to enjoy 999 channels but
because of the particular "package" that was purchased
we can not receive the channels that broadcast the football games.

I can watch the speed channel and Nascar today
until my eyes roll back in their sockets
but no football.

Since it's playoff time we took matters
into our own hands.
We bought a rabbit ear antenna for $9.99
and 100 ft of coax cable at Radio Shack.
We ran the wire through the galley
and out the back hatch.
We went up one deck and hooked our wire
to our $9.99 antenna that we had professionally installed
on a 5 gallon bucket.

Gotta go.

It's game time.


Jerral Miles said...

Ingenuity pays off once again... I expect nothing less from you... and Radio Shack...

beth said...

you guys are so smart....wish i could say the same about the packers :(

Dan Kent said...

American ingenuity. Is this country great, or what?

Karen said...

LOL.. very clever. Can't imagine a boat full of men with no football viewing. GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although I felt bad for the Packers.. what the heck happened?

bon bon said...

ha! a man's gonna do what a man's gotta do!

unless you're my husband...who could care less about sports. ;o)

Joey said...


dcpeg said...

Desperation: the mother of invention.

LOL!! Great job, guys!

SueAnn said...

Where there is a will......Ha! Gotta love your antenna!!
Hope you all enjoyed the games!

missing moments said...

LOL .. very clever!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Brilliant!! I hope your teams won!

Marilyn said...

Laughing! That about sounds like how we watch regular television sometimes. Can't find them on a computer? That is how my husband watched the Rose Bowl.