Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I was going to blog about the Republican candidates tonight, but I'm in a really good mood and I want to stay that way, so I'm not.
I mindlessly turned on the TV as I sat at my computer, checking my email. Fox News was the channel it happened to be turned to. I wasn't paying attention to it, but subconsciously the negativity was seeping into my head. Suddenly I stopped and turned the channel looking for something a little more pleasing. Ahh, "Grease." Much better.

I felt like a snack, so before I finished this post, I thought I'd make a little visit to our boats pantry for a look around. The guy on here that went shopping last is a guy who lives on "bar food." He will remain anonymous ( Mike). Even when he's home, he lives on burgers and fries and chips. So, it only makes sense that we are full of bar food on here right now.
As I walked around our pantry I had to laugh. I felt compelled to count the number and variety of potato chip bags. I mean, the shelves are literally over flowing with artery clogging goodies.
The results are in. 18 bags of unopened chips and 9 bags of chips that are already open.
Hey, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a nice salty chip or cheese puff every now and again, but isn't this a bit excessive?
Excuse me a minute, John and Olivia are singing "your the one that I love".
....................................................................................Ok, that was as good the 20th time as it was the first time I saw it.
I was reading a post recently, and my friend was remarking about the beauty of digital camera's, compared to the film we used to have to buy. We've all mentioned this at one time or another.
When talking about this subject, I am always reminded of the 16 mm movie film my Dad was using in the late 1950's. He was using one of those camera's with numbers in the little window below the lens. After filming, you had to rewind the film before taking it out. To do that, you would aim the camera right at your face, so you could monitor the rewinding of the film.
The end result of this particular roll of film was about 5 minutes of a close up of a big blue eye, blinking......blinking........blinking. The whole screen was filled up with a giant blinking eye.
Those things just don't happen anymore.


SueAnn said...

That is a whole heck of a lot of potato chips for sure. Anyone for an apple? Ha
Ah yes...rewinding film. Took patience. A giant blinking eye...sounds like Friday nite Chiller Theater.
Hugging you

Joey said...

What? No comments on Angelina Jolie??? You disappoint!!! LOL!!! Love your jokes!

Vicky said...

How is that I can recite every line almost, and sing (awfully) every word of all the songs- and yet I eagerly re-watch Grease every time I get the chance... I swear I saw it in the theaters- oh maybe 12 times? Its fun catching up with you here- and amen to the chips occasionally and film- heck yeah, even I remember :)

dcpeg said...

LOL! Thanks, I needed that! Love your story about your Dad's "eye movie". So sublimly human.

Karen said...

LOL.. oh Mark, I'm thinking there should be a specific person in charge of shopping for your crew, someone who eats real food. Really. I know you don't have cooks anymore, that's just a shame.