Friday, March 2, 2012


In 1968 the U.S. implemented the 911 system for contacting help in an emergency.
I think we'd all agree this was a great idea.

Recently there has been discussion about the correctness of playing 911 calls on television. I don't really know the ins and outs of why they can be made public, but I for one, am not a big fan. The simple reason is, I don't really like hearing conversations of frantic wives, children and friends calling for help as someone they know or love is in some danger. That kind of reality TV is just to real for me.

When people are rubber necking as they drive slowly by a car accident, I find myself turning away and zipping by as quickly as possible. I wouldn't enjoy hanging out in an emergency operating room, so why would I enjoy hearing the panicked phone call that brought that patient to the E.R. in the first place.
If I'm watching Grey's Anatomy and Dr. Shepard is going in for a very realistic looking surgery of some kind, I turn my head and pet the dog until the surgery is over.

Some people want to stop the airing of these 911 calls. I understand that.
But I hesitate to vote for an across the board ban of these frantic calls, because once in a while you come across a little gem.

I ran across this the other night. A police officer in small town USA, helped himself to a bag or two of marijuana that was in the evidence room of his police station. Upon arriving home, he thought it would be a good idea to bake some "pot brownies" for him and his wife. ( And you think romance is dead.)

It seems bad cop is either a terrible baker, unknowingly doubling the ingredients or he under estimate the strength of today's weed. ( Hey Copper, this ain't your 60's love child weed.)
After a period of time, Mr. Policeman found himself on the opposite end of a 911 call, as he called 911 looking for help.
This was public record.
This was aired on CNN
This really cracked me up.

Operator: "911, what's you emergency.?"

Cop: "I need help......I think we're overdosing."

Operator: "What are you overdosing on?"

Cop: " wife and I ate pot brownies."

Operator: "What is your..."

Cop: "I think my wife and I are both dead."

Operator: Sir, could you tell me...

Cop: Time is going by really...really......really..............really.............slow.


Karen said...

I agree with you, Mark. I think it's pretty horrendous that media airs these calls, they are a very personal event and usually a horrible one in those people's lives. I feel the same way about graphic images.

That last conversation? priceless.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I tagged you on my along if you like.
Have a wonderful weekend !

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there Mark, Great great great hearing from you. And I'm so so sorry it took me so darn long to reply to you. Gosh you made me laugh again. This would be a good one for Dutch tv. I'm totaly not into reality tv (actually I don't watch much tv anyway) but love to hear this one. Specially since all that stuff you can by on almost every corner of our Dutch streets.

Well have a good day and talk soon....maybe very sloooow....;-)
No way jose, ... not for me all the bad stuff.
Again happy day. Hugs Dagmar

SueAnn said...

Now that was funny. I bet the paramedics got a good laugh with this one.

Janney said...

This is so funny I had to share!