Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I was under house arrest yesterday. I was told by my medical practitioner to sit on the couch for a day or two. Not a problem.

With TV remote in hand, I watched more TV yesterday than I care to admit.

First I checked out "Game Change", the movie that chronicles the very strange campaign of John McCain and the now famous Sara Palin during their run for the Presidency a few years ago.

I'm telling you, if you're feeling down and need a comical pick me up, check out this flick.
The movie describes how and why the formerly unknown Governor from Alaska was chosen to be John McCain's running mate. It goes into some pretty scary detail of just how inadequate she was in the national political theater. The fact that John McCain had no idea who this woman was, didn't deter him from choosing her as his running mate. Barack Obama was a rock star and just spanking McCain in the polls, they needed to do something to change the game.

While the movie had me liking John McCain even more than I did before I saw the movie, it reinforces the fact that politics is choreographed, every step is rehearsed and practiced and every decision is made with one thing in mind, how will the polls react to this?

I found this flick comedic at first as they show a McCain foreign policy adviser, pointing on a map in front of Miss Palin and saying, "....and this is Germany right here...."
Scary stuff.

I'm totally aware that this drama happens on both sides of the isle. I'm sure President Obama's little jog up the steps when ever he has to climb up on the stage or board air force one, had been scrutinized for hours by many of his advisers. I can imagine these conversations......
Adviser #1: " What if you trip Mr President? That would look awful for the United States?"
Adviser #2: " He promotes a energetic go get em figure."
Adviser #3: " The polls show that women 18 to 35 like the fact that he runs up the steps."
Adviser #4: "I think he looks really cool. Keep jogging up the steps, we'll monitor the polls."

This morning President Obama is on TV filling out his March Madness Bracket.
I'm sure the meetings were endless.


SueAnn said...

I am sure you are right..endless!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I haven't seen the movie but Julieanne Moore looked and sounds just like her! Such a waste of time the endless meetings about nothing! Hope you are feeling better soon daytime tv sucks!

Marilyn said...

It is disgusting on all parts that politics is planned out to that extent, even to the jogging up the stairs.

Karen said...

I just can't stand her. However, you've piqued my interest.

Jerral Miles said...

I'm not sure I have the fortitude to watch a full-length movie that features the Alaska ex-governor... but I like hearing about it. Thanks.