Monday, March 5, 2012

More Senselessness

Daniel Parmertor was buried the other day. He was 16
Demetrius Hewlin and Russel King Jr. will be buried tomorrow. They were 16 and 17 years old, respectively.

As I'm sure you've read, they were the victims of the senseless shootings that took place in yet another high school last week. This time it's Chardon, Ohio, that finds itself in the glare of the unwanted spot light.

How easy it is for me to type out the first 3 lines of this post. How unimaginably horrific this situation must be for the families of those 3 boys. I can't begin to imagine the depths of sadness and pain these people must feel. As a parent, we all say we feel their pain but that can't be true.

This latest tragedy begs the question, what the hell is going on?
These kinds of things are happening way too often. What ever happen to the days when you, as a parent, felt secure in the knowledge that your child would be safe for the day while in his or her school? When I dropped my kids off at the front door of their school and watched them walk away with their back pack and lunch, was I naive in thinking they were safe?
It seems I was.

And concerning the shooter, what is going on his world that he felt inclined to get a gun, go to school and open up on unsuspecting classmates? My gosh! What possibly could have led him to this desperate place?

Was it his home life? I knew plenty of kids when I was in school who's home life was anything but enjoyable, but thankfully, getting a gun and bringing it to school to take the life of fellow students, thus insuring the ruination of his own life, never came into play.

I wonder, is this a new thing, these horrific acts, or was this going on back in the day but because of the lack of 24 hour news outlets they went unheard?

I have way too many questions and not enough answers. These 16 and 17 year old boys were in the first 5 minutes of this marathon called life. All they did was go to school one day.
By tomorrow, all three will have been buried.

That just shouldn't be.


SueAnn said...

No it shouldn't be. We in this nation need to ask ourselves these very same questions. What are we or what have we done to our kids that some feel this is okay?? I am afraid as I watch this spread.

Karen said...

It's horrendous, horrifying... unimaginable if it weren't actually true.

There is a disregard for human life that is sweeping humanity... although one could say it's always been there. I think it's just getting easier and easier to do. Also, the media has publicized previous attacks, which put it in the mind of others who might be inclined to do the same. This didn't happen years ago and so the seeds weren't so frequently planted.


Formerly known as Frau said...

No it shouldn't be! It's so scary and senseless! Everyday I say goodbye to my daughter and everyday I worry about her safety in school, in the car, everywhere! I'm pretty sure my Mom never worried back in the day! I blame video games and media..and bad parenting! You want to blame someone!

dcpeg said...

Your picture took my breath away. Then, reading on, I gasped.

I cannot fathom the grief these kids' families and friends are facing, much less understand how these horrors come about.

Bullying has always been a problem. Is it simply too easy to get guns now than when we were kids? Do electronic games encourage such violent behavior? Somehow we need to figure out where we're going wrong and stop it!

Marilyn said...

No it shouldn't be. So very sad that these young kids don't see any other way of resolving their issues. I sometimes feel it is too much violence on TV and movies to the point they don't see the wrong in it.

Jerral Miles said...

Your questions about violence in school have been threading through my thinking since Columbine, and now again with the Ohio shooting. Last year a grown man, 30-something, went to the edge of a playground at a San Diego County elementary school and began shooting. He wounded two girls... and there is the violence perpetrated by bullies in the schools... and what about the 7500 (at least) citizens in Syria killed by a police and army who are supped to protect them. Sadly, I guess it's necessary to talk with kids about the ugly stuff, too...