Thursday, June 21, 2012

Airport Down Time

I found out quickly the other day, that airports don't offer much in the way of entertainment.
Upon arriving at my gate for a flight to Houston Texas, I saw the sign, the one traveller's hate to see.
The message on the board screamed at me.."Flight 738 to Houston-DELAYED. Departing now at 11:45."
I read this at 7:05 am.

Ok, four and a half hours of down time for me, no problem. I'm on my way to work so I'm not really that upset about this news. I'm never in a hurry to GO to work.

I head to the first coffee shop I see and buy a small coffee.
Cream and sugar please. I wish I was a black coffee drinker. I can do it in a pinch but if I have a choice I like my coffee to taste more like dessert than a morning pick me up.

I go back to the gate area, stake out a remote but strategic position where I'm within a cords length of a 3 prong plug and  have a view of the gate area flat screen which is broadcasting CNN, and set up shop. I take out my laptop and sign on to the airport wifi.
Isn't technology great? As my computer is looking for an internet signal I glance at my watch.
Only 4 hours and 10 minutes left to wait.

I glance around, I'm content, I'm in a perfect remote area. To my right is an empty chair where my cell phone and Kindle Fire sit, waiting their turn. To my left is another empty chair where my carryon bag and boarding pass sit. My laptop is just that, in my lap. I'm set up and hunkered down prepared for the long wait. I have everything I need. I continue to sip my coffee, watching the latest from CNN.
And then it happens.
I have to go to the bathroom.

I close my laptop, pack up my Kindle, stick the phone in my pocket, put the Kindle, boarding pass and laptop in my carryon bag and head for the mens room. Bad planning on my part. A rookie mistake.
As I wash my hands I look at my reflection in the mirror and shake my head,

Back to the gate area I go.

I wasn't surprised when the only 3 prong plug available in that gate area was being used by someone elses 3 prongs. He must have been staking me out and jumped in my spot when I left to go to the men's room. I have to give him credit, patience paid off for him. He probably saw me guzzling my coffee and said to himself, "it's just a matter of time."

The remaining 3 hours and 55 minutes I had to wait was filled with various laptop using, Kindle reading and bookstore perusing.

Which brings me to this conclusion. Airports should have better entertainment. I'm talking about acts.
Bring in Justin Beeber for an hour gig at gate D-11. Even I would watch him at an airport.

Comedy acts....brass bands....jugglers? Replays of Lebron choking in his last 2 NBA final appearances. There is no footage from this years finals that could be used. That dude has stepped up.

Anything will help on those long layovers.
If nothing else, give me some more 3 prong plugs.


lenworth scully said...

All in all it seems as if you handle everything very well. I know you had to be very frustrated!

missing moments said...

Isn't that the truth! Why can't they provide more of these things! I have been noticing some of the airports are doing a better job of outlets though.

Alison said...

Hahaha! Loved your post - and I can so identify with it!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Sucks...I hate airport delays! And way aren't there more plugs!!! And chairs without arms so you can curl up and nap! Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen said...

Justin Beiber... really?....


Erin said...

Wouldn't airports be ideal for short films and movie theaters?

Jerral Miles said...

The teacher that I once was keeps wanting to remind you that you definitely should be working on the great American novel.