Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This child abuse trial which stars Jerry Sandusky just blows me away. It's not what's happening in the court room that's eye opening, it's the differing of opinions concerning his guilt or innocence that boggles my mind.
I understand we're all innocent until proven guilty, but when I hear 10 victims telling similar stories and a respected assistant coach giving a eye witness report of sexual abuse, well, sorry people. Guilty!

It seems there has been a line drawn in the sand representing opposing views. If you attend or attended Penn State University, you don't understand what all the fuss is about. (I'm generalizing here, I'm sure there are a few proud Penn Stateers who get what the fuss is about.)
If you have no allegiance to the University in Happy Valley, you don't understand how Jerry Sandusky ever made it out of those showers in one piece.
I didn't go to Penn State and I haven't lived in the Valley of Happiness, so I haven't been affected by whatever it is that is in the water up there that turns otherwise healthy brains to mush.

Yesterday I posted a sentenced on Face Book stating that 2 other Penn State coaches came forward and said it was quite normal, or not unusual for a coach to be showering with young people.  I found that interesting and it played into the notion that something strange is happening on that campus.
Some people disagree with me. Get over it.

A friend of mine, who recently attended Penn State, "messaged " me and was in full attack mode. No part of his message would be allowed in print anywhere but on facebook. His anger was evident, and I just don't get it. I was instantly "unfriended," the ultimate shun.
What the heck?

I didn't attack him personally, but I was, because I repeated a statement that was broadcasted from CNN and Fox News all day.  I don't blame the students at Penn State for the actions of a sick individual cruising the showers like a hooker on Bourbon Street.. I don't blame the students for the Watergate like non actions of many of Penn States power brokers. I blame Penn State the institution.

If I put myself in their position, I would like to think I would be angry. Angry at what ALLEGEDLY happened in those showers for many many YEARS, angry at the black mark which is now on Penn State's name. Instead, some get angry at me.
I'm glad I'm there for you.

I didn't go to Penn State, but I was raised Catholic and attended 12 years of Catholic school. See where I'm going here?  When the scandal surfaced a few years back concerning some inappropriate behavior by 63 priests in the Philadelphia, I didn't get mad at those attacking the church, instead, I called my Parish Pastor and demanded some explanations. I was not satisfied with his response and I'm still angry.
At the Church, not at those writing  about it.

As my Facebook friend total drops by one, I'd like to say,
hey Penn State, direct your anger where it should be. Your aim's off a bit.
I'm just the messenger.


bon bon said...

i honestly believe sandusky is mentally unstable. he may come off as a kind, sweet man, but he's been abusing these young man for so long, his judgement of what's acceptable has been altered. i hope he receives psychiatric treatment in prison. something people should've recommended to him decades ago, before he damaged these young men. but that's water under the bridge. now, all we can hope is that this has lead to others speaking out after witnessing similar instances.

Karen said...

No matter what, Mark.. when you take a stand of any kind, there will be someone who doesn't approve. The allegations against this man are horrifying and I doubt they are false... this is not something these victims can easily relive or would chose to admit to if it wasn't true.

To the people who are Penn staters and are offended?.. they should be!!.. at the actions of certain people of importance and trust within that organization. This story is thoroughly disgusting.. the man was a predator! And others knew. That friend of yours who unfriended you? Obviously didn't think much of your friendship. And if it were his son, I wonder if he'd feel differently.

dcpeg said...

Being associated in any way with a shameful failing twists peoples' minds. They try to excuse it or accuse someone else of being out to "get" someone. I think your facebook "unfriend" is feeling the heat about remaining faithful to his alma mater. This is an institutional failing that is hard to believe much less forgive and forget.

Joey said...

When Jerry Sandusky goes to prison? Utoh!

beth said...

again, your writing is profound and wonderful....i love where you stand and how you stand. i'm there, too....and more than willing to watch FB friends fall to the wayside.