Thursday, June 7, 2012

I was watching the big celebration
the Brits threw for their queen the other day.
I wish the U.S. had a queen.
How cool is that to be a queen?
It's like the land of make believe.
Like taking a trip to Disney World.
And you don't have to do anything, just wave.
You're not a part of the government.
Your biggest worry is to figure out what hat your going to wear that day.
The queen and her gang sure do rock those hats.

But Camilla?
She looks a bit out of place don't you think.
Like she's rather be in a bar,
or working the bar
watching the NBA playoffs.


Have you been watching these playoffs?
Lot's of drama.
They have everything.
Good guys ( OKC Thunder )
Old guys ( Boston Celtics )
Bad guys ( Miami Heat )
Tonight the bad guys take on the old guys,
and the old guys just may end the dream of LeBron James
winning not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, but 7 Championships.
( his words not mine )


Speaking of bad guys,
the Jerry Sandusky trial has begun.
Well, at least jury selection has started.
That's one trial I would love to be a part of.
I can imagine the judge asking me,
"Mark, have you formed any opinion on whether Mr. Sandusky is guilty or innocent?"
"Oh no your honor, I have never heard of him before," I would respond
as I sit there wringing my hands.


Coffee this morning in my garden. 


Karen said...

..and now all the money that will be spent to see that this man gets a "fair trial".

Karen said...

..and I'm wondering when someone important enough will decide that the Monarchy really has lived out it's purpose. These people have plenty of money.. they can still do their good deeds.

beth said...

honestly, i thought the jubilee was a bit over the top, as was the election coverage here for the whole walker thing.
did you keep up with either ?

and oh lord, don't get me started on camilla :)

Jerral Miles said...

Coffee in your garden... Good idea.

lenworth scully said...
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lenworth scully said...

I enjoy your perspective on seems like you've a very beautiful garden!!

Marilyn said...

Nice garden photos. Do agree on Camilla. You do make me laugh. Yes, I think a Queen and royal family would be nice here.

Joey said...

"I wish the US had a queen." I don't know why but I got my morning giggle out of that statement. You sound like a little kid! Maybe I heard a wistful little boy...LOL!