Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Our Lady of the Snows."
That is what Columbus called this Island
because of the ever present mist/cloud at it's peak,
when he did a "sail-by" back in the day.

Nevis is a small, lush paradise situated in the Caribbean
2 miles across a channel from the more well known Island of St. Kitts,
and a 1 1/2 hour puddle jumper flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

 From the air the Island has the shape of a out of round frisby
with Nevis Peak rising 3000 feet into the air from it's center.
A paved road follows the  coast line for 360 degrees.
It would be a stretch to say the roads heading inland are paved.

 If you're looking for a Island vacation with lively music
and good shopping
go elsewhere.

If you need a little rest and relaxation
in a beautiful, no, gorgeous setting where your blood pressure
drops by 10 points just by being there
then set your sights on Nevis.

The locals greet you in the morning with a "good morning"
and in the afternoon with a "good afternoon."
Everyone I spoke to asked if I was enjoying their Island.
Always my answer was yes.
They are very proud of Nevis.

You can drive around the whole Island in about 2 hours.
That time may change depending on how many herds of goats
or wondering cows you come across in the road on your journey.
To be clear, the animals have the right of way.

Charlestown is the only real 'town" on the Island.

 In a nut shell the Island was a territory of England from the early
1600's until 1983, when, together with St Kitts, they formed a separate State.
The Island produced sugar in the good times with Sugar Mills dotting the Island.
The volcanic soil was said to produce the most sugar per acre in the world.

It is those renovated sugar mills that have been turned into Inn's and restaurants today
that keep the economy going now.
We stayed at an old plantation called Golden Rock Inn,
and I can't begin to put into words the beautiful setting this Inn sat in.
 Golden Rock's dining area below
where we enjoyed our mornings before venturing out for the day.

 One of the guest rooms at  Golden Rock.

Before heading to the beach a morning walk
through the rain forest would get the blood flowing.

Our afternoons usually ended on one of the many beaches.
And many of the local critters would gather
and keep us company.

I'm trying not post all 544 photos I took on this trip.
I will continue about this Island in my next post.


missing moments said...

totally my kind of island. Love those homeless doggies. We fell in love with one when in Belize, the sweetest, smartest dog ever!

Karen said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Love that the animals have the right of way... and the dogs come and chill out with you on the beach.. looks very LUSH, also... lots of greenery. .my kind of place! It reminds me of the Island of St. John, which can be described in much the same way... Thanks for sharing...

dcpeg said...

Cows on the beach -- that's a new one.

Great pic of "heaven on earth".

beth said... totally sold me !!
actually the free roaming animals sold me, but you helped :)
what a terrific you much have !!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I've never heard of it's paradise alright. I'm so sick of the commercial touristy places. This place sounds like a real vacation. Looks like you had a great time.

SueAnn Lommler said...

What a gorgeous place.,.,...fabulous and your shots are amazing

Anonymous said...

Being such a calm place, my husband would love it... I on the other hand would go stark raving mad without a great shopping experience involved... But it's sure beautiful there on the island!

Marilyn said...

I have never vacationed on an island other than Hawaii. How relaxing and beautiful it looks. I told my husband one of these days we must take a relaxing vacation and not one that we are running around all day. This looks very special.

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