Friday, November 2, 2012

Three Good Reasons..

November 2nd
and today's word for "Photo a day for November" is,

Strangely enough, I found myself to be in an unusually upbeat mood today. Considering I am smack in the middle of my work hitch, day 11, this is usually the time my Dark Passenger rears it's ugly head and grumpiness can be the norm, not the exception.

At first I attributed my surprisingly positive mood swing to the Starbucks "Blonde" coffee I have been chugging all day. It's the "Veranda" blend. Can you blame me?
But a recent self evaluation tells me there are other reasons for me skipping around the boat whistling "When the Saint's go Marching In."

Reason #1- I purposely did not tune in to any news today. I knew what I was going to see concerning the coverage of hurricane Sandy. And I just couldn't stomach another stump speech from either candidate.
I needed just one day off.

Reason #2- roughly 2 days after the hurricane hit the coast, a representative from my company's office called my cell phone for the soul purpose of checking in on me and my family, wondering how we made out with the super storm. That call was unexpected but appreciated. Two days after that call I'm still on a goodwill buzz created by my company's concern. I think it's safe to say, that simple call will buy my company months of goodwill in return.

Reason #3- I opened my email just minutes ago and saw an email from one Rufus Gifford. Rufus is Obama's National Finance Director. Rufus is the dude who has been in my inbox everyday for close to a year, wanting some cash. The first line of his email today went like this;
"This is me saying goodbye."

Adios Rufus. Don't let the door hit you in the ass.
"Oh when the Saints.......Come marching in....Oh when the"


Jerral Miles said...

That Blonde coffee hits the spot with me, too. Do you think there are subliminal associations with anything that has "blonde" in the name. And the company rep calling... Wow! You're working for a good outfit. Whistling never hurts either.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Definitely all good reasons to smile. Especially the last one!!!
Great pic by the way. I like it

Joey said...

Hmmm - "dark passenger" Do you watch Dexter? I started watching the first season last month and now hooked and on to the 2nd season. The term "dark passenger" was used in one of the episodes and I had never heard the term before. Now twice in 3 days...strangeeeeeee.

beth said...

maybe i should be whistling today, too....although i pretty much suck at whistling.

i could sing, but that's even worse :(

thanks for such an upbeat post!!

Marilyn said...

I got the same email. Can't wait for the emails to stop when it comes to the election and wanting money!
Yes, a call like that one would indeed get some good mileage. And a good cup of some caffeine can make the heart sing.

Karen said...

...Lord how I want to be in that number...

I love your picture!!! I'm telling ya.. it's in the details!