Friday, November 30, 2012

Wind-vanes and Confusion.

Today is the last day of the 
November Photo Challenge, and the subject today?


I saw something interesting today.
As I headed to the local shopping center this morning
I noticed at the entrance
a man and a woman with their dog sitting on the curb
holding a hand written sign asking for money.

They were bundled up, as it's a bit chilly here in the north east.
I made a mental note to make sure I drive by them on the way out
so I could give them a few bucks.

As I drove through the shopping center parking lot,
I noticed at another entrance 
a man and a woman with their dog sitting on the curb
holding a hand written sign asking for money.


I took a close look at couple #2.
They too were bundled up
and each had a nice backpack at their feet.
The woman was drinking out of a Starbucks coffee cup.


After I took care of my errands
I drove back toward couple #1 and I notice the woman
walking across the parking lot towards couple #2,
as she smoked a cigarette.


Ok, now I'm no CSI investigator
but this situation was beginning to smell like last weeks tuna.

2 couples, each with a dog, needing money
strategically positioned 200 yards apart. 
Each couple had  two backpacks that would easily cost me $50.
One lady was drinking a $6 cup of coffee
and the other lady was smoking from a $7 pack of smokes.

My spirit of giving went away in a big way.

I sort of feel bad.

But I shouldn't, right?

I don't know.


Formerly known as Frau said...

I smell a scam....or opportunist! I go to Starbucks as a treat once in a great moon. It's big money this time of year and it really takes away from the ones really in need. I'd rather give to a food bank or salvation army instead. Have a great weekend!

Joey said...

Listen to your gut! I always see a believable guy at Christmas by Walmart and I buy him a bag of groceries and a sandwich. I honestly think he is in need because I listen to my gut. I don't usually give money because I fear it will be spent on cigarettes or booze - I know - the mistrust in me...doing my best!

beth said...

don't feel all !!

i no longer give my money away to strangers on the just never sits right with me, especially due to what you just described.....

Jerral Miles said...

Don't stop... Don't stop... DON'T STOP!

SueAnn Lommler said...

I know what you mean....lady with one grocery store asking for money...then we saw her at McD's asking for money..then at the mall...these places are miles apart. How the heck is she really traveling...hmmmmm....!

bon bon said...

i too will give food before i give money. did you see the story this week about the cop who saw a man on the street barefoot, asked his shoe size, then bought him shoes and socks? i think that case was a bit easier to decipher.

imquilternity said...

On my way to the post office each day, I also see two couples at each end of the parking lot. Instead of dogs, they have small children with them. But, they also have nice backpacks, clothing, etc, and they, too, usually have a Starbucks cup in their hands. I've suspected that they are part of a larger group and didn't feel right about giving to their cause. It's unfortunate because there are probably many homeless people out there who need our help/money but don't get it because we now don't trust anyone we see on the street. I think it's only going to get's sad.

Marilyn said...

If they truly need help there are plenty of agencies and places for them to get help. Don't feel bad!