Saturday, April 6, 2013

A week has past since I've posted.
I have no excuse.
Maybe just too full from our Easter dinner.
 A bit of magic was performed
as the contents of these bowls....
 turned into a ham.
Vegetarian style.

 accompanied by the best quiche

March Madness is almost over,
the final four will play today
followed by the championship game on Monday night.

This tournament is by far
the best sporting event out there.

President Obama is in hot water again.
He made a comment that the Attorney General of California,
who is a good friend of the Obama family,
is the best looking Attorney General in the country.
Many women are up in arms because of this statement.
Women...please tell me why.

The most accurate statement the President has made
since he has been in office is,
"The Attorney General of California
is the best looking Attorney General in the country."

Take a look at her and tell me if he is wrong.
Not too long ago at a press conference
the President looked into the crowd and said,pointing,
"that good looking guy right there."

Where was the uproar from the male species?
How dare he belittle my male brethren!!

Today is April 6th
and there is not one new leaf to be seen
on the barren landscape around my house.
Ok spring, you're up.


Marilyn said...

I do believe it is time you were seeing a little leaf action.

I read about Obama's comment in the paper this morning. He ended up apologizing, it said. I wonder if he called and apologized to the guy too?

beth said...

no leaves here either....

and all i can say is that i'm so thankful that the country doesn't monitor what comes out of my mouth.....LOL

Barbara/myth maker said...

Are you telling me that's a tofu ham?? Well, the quiche looks good!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I would not complain if someone call me the best looking receptionist or best looking anything....seriously....he loves his family, country etc...bigger fish to fry! I'm bummed Syracuse bit the dust they got stomped! :(
Happy Sunday!

Karen said...

Ridiculous. Hey, all you women who were up in arms over that Obama-given compliment? What's your issue, exactly? I'd really like to know!

Is that a Tofu ham? Pass the quiche, please :-)

Happy non-spring-like Spring to you and yours, Mark.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Ham from liquid? How futuristic!!!
I am not up in has nothing to what he said and has everything to do with PC.

Joey said...


Jerral Miles said...

How do you get ham taste into a vegetarian ham? Who cares that it's tofu or whatever as long as the taste is right... and included with a bit of that quiche, I'll bet it was great.

Donna said...

Clearly those who protested his 'good looking' choice of words have a different tolerance level than my friends and I do... I'll save my outrage for the despicable war that never end, victims of rape and child abuse, poverty, discrimination and a do-nothing Congress.This is one mama that doesn't have time for that drama!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Howdy,...well I had to look her up on google because I hadn't a clue who she was....well it seems the president is kinda right. I like her. And what he said??? Well some times I'm soooo glad I don't follow politics in or out my country. ;-)

If you have some of that pie left....send a piece over so I can judge about the BEST part piece.
Happy days my friend.
Hugs Dagmar

Cynthia Moody said...

Only today do we see the beginning of dogwood blossoms--can't wait for them to pop open in the next few days so that we can see white scattered all through the woods. The rumbling of the tornado-watch weather outside tells me that spring is here for us. C.