Thursday, April 18, 2013

CSI, CNN and wall licking

Did you see where the FBI seem to be targeting 2 guys with black backpacks ( say that 10 times fast) for the bombings at the Boston Marathon.
They have released video footage of the guys they are zeroing in on. Hey, I hope they're right, I hope they have this figured out, because as time goes on the harder it will be to catch whoever did this.

I'll give you this, I'm sure the FBI is better at figuring this stuff out than I am, but when I look at the video, I can't tell what they're carrying and I don't know where they are headed. They could be headed to the locations where they sat the bags down and promptly ruined the lives of many, but if you told me they were heading to the nearest restroom because they had to "go", I'd believe you. I have no idea. I'm just praying they wrap this case up quickly.

While scanning CNN online I saw the teaser, "What Mitt thought of the Presidents speech." Immediately my pulse quickened.
"Are you kidding me," I thought. "Is he actually going to dump on Obama's speech"
Why can't we leave politics out of it. This isn't the time for Mr. Romney to be attacking the President. Boston is in shambles, our country has been wounded again. Leave it alone Mitt.

Then I read the article.
Mitt said he thought the President gave a superb speech and was inspired by it.

Way to go Mitt.

 Ginger is our old dog, oh, about 150 years old I think. Anyway, she's not as sharp as she once was. While I was on the phone with my wife yesterday I asked, " How's Ginger?" My wife replied, in a tone that suggested this is perfectly normal behavior,  "Well, she's licking the wall right now." 
Like I said, not as sharp as she once was.


SueAnn Lommler said...

Ginger is my kind of dog....licking walls huh? Ha!!

Vicky said...

Oh you crack me up- poor Ginger-the visual of that has me rolling :) The rest- well- I too just hope they get this wrapped up quickly- powerfully disturbing on so many levels.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I have been tuning into CNN as I can and I just hope they find the second suspect...have you heard the comments from the boys parents that they have been set they are terrorist! Your ole pup is a funny nut! Have a great weekend!

beth said...

what's wrong with licking the wall ?

and sheesh, after closing down boston, i really hope they have the brother cornered, that nobody else gets hurt and that they finally capture him and take him away and that nobody else was involved......

have a great weekend !!!