Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I just visited the Gun Owners of America web site and their just beside themselves with joy.
Most of this country's Senators voted against stronger gun control today, and do you know who's fault it is?
It's ours.

Polls show that over 90% of Americans are in favor of changing, in some small way, our gun control laws, which, by the way, are the laughing stock of most other countries. So, if 90% of American's wanted the Senators to vote yes to tougher gun control, and most of them voted no to tougher gun control, then, who do the Senators represent, and why are they still in that job?

Some of this blame has to go to the citizens who don't vote, or just go up and vote the same way each time, just like their Dad used to vote, or to the people who will bitch about this outcome but do nothing about it. If you wanted your Senator to vote yes today, and he didn't, he should not get your vote next time around. The system isn't working, but it's because we're not trying to fix it.

If you're part of the small percentage of Americans who wanted this gun control legislation to fail, well, congratulations to you, this is your lucky day. I'm sure the families of those killed by guns would love to hear your reasoning on not wanting more extensive background checks for people who want to buy guns.

This idea that any little change to anything relating to gun laws, automatically means to you that the government is coming to take away all your guns, well Mr./Mrs paranoia, the government doesn't want your freekin guns! They just don't want crazy people walking into a school with one.

John Adams, one of our founding fathers said,  everyone has the right to own a gun, but along with that right should be a set of laws to be followed. Why doesn't the NRA only recite the first part of that sentence?

The Senators are supposed to be the voice of the people, not the NRA, Gun Owners of America and any other gun lobby you can name.
It's nauseating what happened in Washington today.
The people did not speak.
Lobbyist did, and that's shameful.


Joey said...

Incomprehensible. INCOMPREHENSIBLE!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

Disgusting. Embarassing!

Cait Throop said...

It is shameful...sad, incomprehensible, sickening and shameful.

Cait Throop said...

It is shameful...sad, incomprehensible, sickening and shameful.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Disgusting for sure!

Anais Naan said...

Did you see this?
Should cheer you up.